Intro to rapamycin

Hello everyone,

Rapamycin is an mTOR inhibitor. It has been used for years to prevent organ transplant rejection in humans, in part because mTOR inhibition also inhibits the immune system. 

mTOR is a pro-growth factor that is involved in cellular growth and protein synthesis. Its inhibition has been associated with longer lifespans in certain organisms (not yet humans). 

Rapamycin administration has been shown to extend the remaining lifespan of middle-aged mice, making it an interesting life-extension candidate for use in middle-aged humans. 

Has anyone tried rapamycin? What were the results? 

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  • Dear all,

    Here is a great email to get:

    Exciting to me that is launching a human study on Rapamycin, as a patient of Dr.Green - although I can be only a health tourist in the US and I can't currently use the medicines.

    Best regards, Flavio

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    • Flavio Ferlitz Confused, are you saying you are a patient of Dr. Green but unable to buy or use the rapamycin he prescribes?

    • Fred Cloud Hi Fred, I don't know where you live, but in Europe I should find a doctor who agrees to prescribe me the same things, then perhaps I would be able to buy them at a pharmacy. They are very restrictive. I have tried to order to Austria - perhaps there was no prescription in the packet coming from outside the EU as well. I did order regularly via IAS with the NY prescription. However the response of the customs was a rather scary form to fill in. So I decided, when possible, to stay lengthy periods of time in the UK, where apparently ordering with the prescriptions I have is not a problem. If you ask Staffan Olson from Sweden about Dasatinib, you'll find he could not get that either. Lately both UK and US were not exactly advised places to go, but I'm vaccinated and I'm waiting for the right time window. Best. Flavio

  • For those living in Europe, can you not order from India?  I have had good service, but importing to USA has been easy

    • Ross Barker That's more or less the origin, but when it arrives at the Austrian customs they send you a form. You only have the right to import if you are in danger of impending death and the medicine is not available (it certainly would not, I don't believe any doctor would prescribe it if I had a US prescription -not valid here). Whatever one answers one is in danger of punishment under the criminal law. So one can only opt for long holidays in the US - or UK if you want to check practically if your vaccine works against the Indian variants.

      Just to round that one up, I have spoken over the phone to the customs about supplements coming from outside the EU. They said the law is very complex. Potentially anything that can help you can be defined as a medicine (no problem when it comes from inside the EU).

    • Flavio Ferlitz Are the Doctors in the EU sophisticated enough to prescribe supplements? I find here in USA, they will prescribe the offerings of Big Pharma, but if you need for example some Magnesium or Zinc, your out of luck and they won't even discuss if it is a wise investment or not, let alone more complex offerings such as Rapamycin. On this moment I am very frustrated with US Healthcare and planing to move to Europe this winter, Perhaps France, Healthcare is said to be #1 in the world, I have been unable to confirm if a Doctor might recommend even Magnesium or not?  I take a long list of Supplements daily. 

    • @Ross Barker  

      In the UK they feel the US are at least 5 years ahead of them (you do find naturapathic doctors in the UK). In the US you enjoy the greates freedom and opportunities, about health, in the UK nearly so. The EU is restrictive on Anti-Aging but does have naturopath doctors who know their supplements, so does Australia - I saw quite a few in both places. In 2019 I saw dr. Green in NY because he covers the first steps of the Age Reversal Protocol emerged from RAADfest. He sent me to - there one can pay online for one's tests, then one gets them done e.g. by Quest or other labs. Until magic bullets come out of international partnering, that protocol is valid enough.
      For supplements and advice I also wrote and spoke to the Life Extension Advisory in Ft. Lauderdale. LEF has many yearly test kits (and a huge database of studies, magazines, protocols).
      There are so many Age Reversal groups everywhere promoting studies and mailing us sources of information. If you want naturopathic doctors from the Age Reversal Network, they are all over the US, listed on the website- even dr. Green (who is not one of them); the others won't necessarily cover the first essential steps of Age Reversal with their prescriptions - still about controlling TOR and Senescent Cells (this can do more than most supplements on older people and ultimately cut your supplements bill). And there would be also unrelated Naturopathic doctors everywhere in the US.
      I don't know everyting, but one thing is good standard medical care covered by Medicare, another one is the care by naturopathic doctors, and still another one is Age Reversal. That's in my experience at least

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  • Hi everyone. In one the the comments, someone mentioned a doctor in the Tampa area. I can't seem to find it when I scroll through. Can someone provide? Thank you in advance. 

  • Been off this site for a while, went down a deep rapamycin rabbit hole. Just recently came out:

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