Bill Faloon's Recent Blood Test Results

Hello everyone,

Age Reversal Network will soon email its members a narrative about some of Bill Faloon’s recent, remarkable lab test results. Some of these results appear to be caused by some of the many promising age-reversal interventions that Mr. Faloon has been self-experimenting with.

To better facilitate discussion of his and others’ results of self-experimentation with these modalities, we are posting his test results here.

If you have interesting test results that you think might have been caused by your experimentation with promising age-reversal interventions, please tell us about them by posting to our forum at our Test Results Discussion.

We of course understand that for medical privacy reasons, some of you may not want to share all of the details of your results. We’d still like to know what changes you’re seeing (positive or negative), in whatever detail you feel comfortable sharing, so that we can better understand which modalities have which effects.

See Bill Faloon’s test results above this post.

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  • Thanks for sharing your lab information Bill. After I began DHEA back around 2012, my total testosterone elevated above the normal range and has stayed there.  Following an episode of sepsis in 2017 related to a back surgery, accompanied by the loss of about 10 pounds of lean body weight, I found myself unable to regain muscle mass despite resistance exercise and that high normal testosterone level.

    I had to push my traditional endocrinologist in to looking deeper into the issue.  Consequently, I was found to have a markedly abnormal SBHG elevation and a low bio-available testosterone level. He was unable to give a cause for this or any therapeutic options.

    This is of course anecdotal, but the rest of my labs match up very closely to yours, so perhaps an SHBG and a bio-available testosterone would be a good thing to check next time around.

    I'll welcome any insights or suggestions from forum members regarding abnormally high SHBG.

    • @laryk5  Self Hacker Lynn David C

      I have read Bill Faloon’s mail about the positive changes he see in his recent labtests and I notice his experience of feeling rejuvenated after treatments with hormones. We have been asked to share our experiences and our thoughts about rejuvenation. Here are some of mine.


      Quite many interesting observations has already been reported in this forum. I like to mention a few that comes to my mind and I hope that, in respons to Bill Faloon’s mail, others will report their own personal experiences or their changes in  lab tests. 


      -          Fisetin, myricetin, and quercetin reported by @stacey_lynn (500mg Fisetin -Novusetin,  200mg myricetin- source naturals, Activated quercetin source naturals 1g). Taken on 3 consecutive days of every other week.  Report an  experience of increased reproductive health.


      -          David @david_c  report increased physical performance, increased wellbeing, improved cognitive capacity as well as focus,  and increased libido. This reported after fisetin treatment with 2-2,5 gr during 3 consecutive days every 2-4 weeks.


      -          Personally, I have had similar reactions after my senolytic treatments that have included fisetin. A few days after a senolytic treatment with Fisetin I experience a surge of wellbeing and increased libido. I also experience decreased pain in troubled joint.


      My senolytic treatments with fisetin have not been the same from one time to another. They have been experimental and they are still at an experimental level.  So far I have gotten the strongest effect from fisetin in senolytic combinations with black pepper/piperlongumine extract + Fisetin (20 – 30 mg per kg bodyweight), double dose senolytic activator + curcumin 2*500 mg BCM 95 + gamma tocotrienol). The supplements I mention above have not been taken at the same time. The most effective sequence, for me, have been approx. like this: I take the Piperine containing substance first, then Fisetin, after fisetin the senolytic activator and lastly curcumin and gamma tocotrienols.


      Don’t view my experience as something more than an anecdotal observation. My self-experimental phase of senolytic treatments with Fisetin will continue. But the reaction I experience is strong and after a few decades of experience using supplements I am ruling out that my experience is an effect of placebo. This is something else. Is this a long lasting rejuvenation effect or will my body adapt to the therapy and try to go back to the old state? We will see.


      The observations above are not combined with lab tests, but can be seen as anecdotal clues that can indicate that Fisetin, partly, might be behind the reported experiences of rejuvenation. Feeling rejuvenated and experiencing increased physical and mental wellbeing is a goal in itself. Hopefully it is correlated to increased long term health (health span).  

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  • Sorry a bit out-of-subjet .. great results! it would be useful to the community trying to make sense of different ways of using routine labs to assess biological age if he could log these and past results into one of the known methods,, Levine, Mitnitski... the latter interestingly not using chronological age.

  • Not sure what to make of this data without baseline data.  What would results be without the supplements?  Does Bill just have good Genes?

  • I would also say kudos to Bill for sharing his lab results with a broad audience, in hopes that we all can learn from this.  My own lab results related to testosterone, estradiol, LDL and HDL have followed the pattern described by Bill.

    My body tends to aromatize testosterone into estrogen, so when I would supplement with DHEA, my estradiol would rise more than testosterone; I sought to block this with chrysin rather than anastrozole. For most of 2019 I had stopped DHEA altogether, but at 12/31/19 (age 68) I still have higher-than-typical testosterone and estradiol.

    I've also had modestly elevated LDL, have been taking low-dose (5mg) atorvastatin which improved results modestly, but in 2019 both LDL and HDL improved, and at 12/31/19 I had LDL 83 and HDL 61.  My diet hardly changed in 2019.

    I have also used multiple interventions including low-dose (250mg) metformin, AMPK Activator and one course of Senolytic Activator, but my major change in 2019 was an effort to raise NAD+, including a 2-day infusion in January, LEF nicotinamine riboside throughout the year, and after RAADFest in October, the Nuchido supplement daily.

    In 2019 I have also seen a modest rise in creatine and corresponding fall in eGFR, with no change in my exercise frequency -- not enough to concern my doctor, but we wonder whether an NAD+ increase, in all cells but especially muscle cells, could account for this.

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