Should we be taking oral NR/NMN?

In the YouTube video post I have a new one with David Sinclair with a few interesting tidbits. One is that NR/NMN, if not kept cold, degrade into a form which you definitely do not want in your body (he didn't specify exactly what the issue was). Collaborating this, the NAD+ patches I take from MedLab Pharmacy comes in a cold package and is specified to be stored in the refrigerator. The one I got from another pharmacy - I forget the name but it's in the MidWest, did not and it turned brown after a month or so. 

This makes me wonder if we should be doing oral supplementation at all, why not just a semi regular protocol of patches? Is the oral form kept chilled at the distributor (no - LE has no mention of this AFAIK) and it's not sent chilled to us. It's also quite expensive, so it seems to me that perhaps a better approach is to just do without it. 

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  • From the Dr. Rhonda Patrick podcast notes are further details:

    (See for completes notes of this podcast)

    * “Make sure your NR and NMN is kept in the cold. If it’s just on the shelf, and not in a stabilized form, it will degrade into nicotinamide, which is something you don’t want to take high doses of.” – David Sinclair
        * Why? – Nicotinamide actually inhibits sirtuins, thus interfering with DNA repair

    Also from the same podcast  notes:

    NAD+ Boosters | NR and MNM
    * For background, humans make NAD+ from a variety of natural molecules. However, you can also supplement with NAD+ precursors (and it might be a good idea to as NAD+ declines with age).
        * (Why not just supplement with NAD? – It’s too large of a molecule and cells won’t uptake it) 


    This last statement about NAD - I have heard David Sinclair say this more than once during his public presentations and interviews.

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  • Listen to the Dr. Rhonda Patrick - David SInclair YouTube video (posted a few days ago) from 36:00 to 38:00 where David Sinclair says that NAD is too big to enter cells.

    Listen starting at 57:50 where he talks about the reason that NMN and NR needs to be kept cold in a fridge or freezer.

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