YouTube age reversal videos

A thread to collect useful, science based new videos posted on YouTube that members might enjoy. PM me any you come across (note the criteria above - typically these are videos from age reversal researchers). 



  • NAD
  • Metformin
  • Youthful blood in older mice
  • Present and future developments
  • Supplements
  • Frequent Monitoring (blood, biomarkers)



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  • A recent interview with our own Brian Delaney filled with lots of useful and relevant information.


    • Benefit of vegan over animal diet regarding mTor (Lysine & protein)
    • Calorie restriction in its various forms
    • mTor considerations with hormone replacement
    • Brians work and role in our Age Reversal group
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  • Thanks, Dan!

    By the way, correction: Courtney, not Christine, Peterson is the one who is doing the time-restricted eating work. (Jetlag....)


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  • Here is the German TV show Galileo that Bill was featured in. My German is rusty but the rough takeaway is 

    • A reporter talks to a physician who has reservations about age reversal
    • Reporter goes to Florida, visits the LE storefront and buys a bunch of supplements
    • Bill offers his blood work to show the physician 
    • Physician believes it's the blood work of a - I didn't quite catch it - 30 year old or something, and is surprised Bill's in his 60's
    • At the end reporter has taken supplements for three days and (surprise!) doesn't feel any different, but is left wondering


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