D.I.Y. patches for supplement delivery

Is anyone else interested in making your own patches for supplement delivery?

Patches are not strictly about age-reversal.  They can be used for other vitamins & supplements, too.  But I'm looking for various ways to get beneficial molecules absorbed into my body and patches seem to offer an easy way.  Of the various age-reversing supplements, which would be suitable for D.I.Y. patch?

Right now I'm wearing three patches that I made this morning:

1- Vitamin D + Pantethine (Vitamin B5)
2- L-Glutathione
3- Gymnema

On this topic, I don’t want to discuss those particular supplements.  Instead, this is about making patches at home and what supplements would be suitable.

The patch material is ordinary wound dressings from the pharmacy -- nothing special.   Two samples shown below.

Not doing this to save money.  Goals are:

  • Alternative to swallowing so many pills, capsules, and tablets every day
  • Reduce exposure to “additives” in pills (eg. Magnesium Silicate)
  • Higher doses than offered by commercially available patches
  • Use components not offered in commercial supplement patches; Newest ideas for age-reversal supplements are unlikely to be in commercial patches.

At this stage I'm wondering which molecules can be absorbed by the skin and which are too large to squeeze in.  Also wondering about oil soluble & water soluble.

Finally, I wish to state my complete and utter lack of qualifications for pursuing this line of self-experimentation.  My formal education covered nothing on any of these topics.

I welcome critique and helpful comments, either on the forum or in private messages.

Thank you.

These are the two wound patches I used:


This patch has L-Glutathione inside.    Looks almost professional, eh?



And this patch is not so pretty, but it works very well.  The stronger adhesive prevents liquid from leaking out.  This is Vitamin D3 combined with Pantethine. 


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  • Hi!


    Very interesting approach. I am considering alternative ways to get molecules into the bloodstream. My first thought has been to make my own Suppositories. This as an approach to have fisetin bypassing the gastric system and increase its bioavailability.


    One idea is to have fisetin dissolved with DMSO and then put it on the skin and cover with some kind a patch. Since I am aiming for a senolytic effect I want as much as possible to reach the bloodstream at the same time.


    Have you any experience from using DMSO as a solvent when making patches? (With the purpose of increased absorption through the skin)

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