FDA not allowing drugs in?

I got a disturbing letter from the FDA two weeks ago. I had ordered some cialis and letter indicated importing drugs already approved was illegal and shipment was destroyed.

I have an order of rapamycin from IAS that has been showing in customs since July 1 and wondering if it will meet the same fate.


Anyone else seeing this?

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  • Paul Beauchemin I have never had an order seized. I even had customs open it, see it was medication and tape it back up with their fancy customs tape and sent it to me without seizing it. Personal importation is allowed. From the FDA is strange, Shouldnt customs have sent you the letter?

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    • Fred Cloud FDA sent it.

      I've had customs open packages before. Never the FDA telling me this was illegal.

      • Fred Cloud
      • Fred_Cloud
      • 5 days ago
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      Paul Beauchemin I can see selective enforcement of narcotics or something but cialis? Strange.

  • I had a shipment from Singapore of Metformin seized by the FDA at JFK airport last year.  I complained to the supplier, the Anti-Aging Store, and they sent me a replacement that arrived OK.  I note, however, that the Anti-Aging Store may not be in business any more.

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      • David H
      • David_Hanson
      • 5 days ago
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      JGC Thank you for the heads up on The Anti-aging Store.  Their website works but every product is out of stock.  I had buying rapamycin from them.

  • Let's clear something up. Personal importation of prescription drugs is NOT allowed by the FDA. That has been a misconception that has been going on for decades.  The FDA clearly says so on their website, but they also mention examples of how you can legally import them.  


  •  Dark web was invented for people like you.

    • Peter North How is dark web going to get these items imported and not seized

  • Got another letter from the FDA today on a shipment of rapamycin from IAS. Not allowed in. Second time this has happened now.


    Got a shipment of testosterone from India in without any problems. Is IAS from China?

    The cialis I had banned was from Wuhan

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    • Paul Beauchemin Very strange, has your address been flagged now?

    • Fred Cloud A recent shipment of Androgel from India made it through fine.

      I think it's stuff from China but not sure where IAS sends drugs from

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