Need more emphasis on diet

I was disappointed to read through the current age reversal protocol promoted here, and it seems to be focused on expensive "magic pills". There was some mention of calorie restriction, but no other talk of diet, which should be by far the primary emphasis. My wife I have been eating whole food plant-based (Fuhrman, McDougall, Greger, Esselstyn, ...) for fifteen years with excellent results for our general health.

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  • Some say secret to success: Aim High, Start Small, and Keep Going......Wright brothers are good examples...I guess

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  • General health is great. It's not age reversal. 

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  • Bruce, I tend to agree with you.

    You likely know this all but just pop into this review (it is from 2016 though) you migh like.

    Dato S, Bellizzi D, Rose G, Passarino G. The impact of nutrients on the aging rate: A complex interaction of demographic, environmental and genetic factors. Mech Ageing Dev. 2016;154:49-61.

    I also try to keep a thread on the Longecity Forum where you might find something interesting:

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  • Your approach sounds exactly like what we do in my household. Fuhrman diet primarily (whole food plant based) - no animal products, but occasional extras like a bit of sourdough bread. Yes the approach here is pill focused, which I view as an extension to WFPBD (whole foods plant based diet) to be used starting around 45 years. Bill F is certainly a proponent of this diet, calorie restriction/fasting etc, but the fact is most people won't do it so I think because of that he doesn't promote it. 

    I should mention, a major fault of Fuhrman/Goldhammer/McDougal is that they come from the Pritikan school of thought. They are firmly anti <anything but plant food>. I've spent some time with these folks, caught them making cognitive bias mistakes, and heard the proselytizing about "it's just the FOOD". Which I agree, until you get older, when you need stronger interventions. 

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  • Bah humbug to the sacred cow of diet and exercise! Know more at:

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