Dr Green new Rapamycin high dose

Dr Green has moved up from 10mg a week to 20mg every 2 weeks. Technically that is the same dose, he just doubles it up and waits twice as long before redosing.

I am shocked that he isnt getting the mouth sores at that kind of dose. I wonder if the older you are and the slower your cell division is that maybe you can tolerate these higher doses without side effects?

Is anyone else experimenting with extreme doses or what is your limit?

Here is the clip discussing it.


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  • Fred, I am taking about 30mg/week. I base that on 10mg actual sirolimus plus 6 to 8oz of grapefruit juice, so thats an approximation. You may be correct that older users tolerate higher doses without side effects. Why would that be so?

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  • I understand that Blagosklonny is also taking approximately 20mg every other week without negative side effects.

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    • THOMAS DECICCO yeah dr green follows dr blagoskonnys research and dosing, so I think he got inspired from him. Watch the rest of the video. 

  • Side effects seem to be highly individual - I got a canker sore at 3mg, but never again and I'm now on 10mg/week and have tried up to 25 or 30mg (two week schedule) with no side effects.  In the Study on Everolimus (rapalog) only 9 people out of 53 got canker sores at 20mg a week.  Details here:


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  • He just seems to blather on about nothing as a physician providing observed data. He couldn't even adequately describe why upping his own dose was better.

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    • True! Not very impressive. He was rambling on in an unscientific way. I was hoping for more.

      But watch the video from the start, as I had fast forwarded it to that point and you will actually be impressed with what he knows about rapamycin. It’s probably the most thorough I have seen.

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      Fred Cloud Shall do!

  • Anyone experience unusual blood tests results after being on Rapamycin? My dog is on Rapamycin, and since then, his kidney disease (in early stages) has normalized! He is peppy and energetic, with no apparent adverse effects. But his blood counts of Lipase and Alk. Phos. began to elevate shortly after and now are very high. I have no idea if  this is a coincidence or not. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Started at 5 two years ago and bumped up to 10 mg per week last dec.

    Went up to 15 mg every two weeks in June and then took 20 mg Nov 1

    Have never gotten a side effect. Big changes to kidney eGFR and creatinine

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  • Dr. Green has a particular interest in APOE-ε4, and I believe that he is recommending the higher dosing for APOE-ε4 carriers only, especially homozygotes (or perhaps recommending it particularly strongly for APOE-ε4 carriers).

    @michael.1 I, too, would love to see more detailed data and rationale from Dr. Green. There are patient confidentiality issues that he needs to navigate, which might be part of why he hasn't released data yet.

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