Introduction to Young Plasma Infusions

Just to clarify for everyone what the phrase "young plasma infusions" refers to: 

Plasma is the water portion of blood in which blood cells are suspended. It includes salts, proteins, hormones, and many other non-cell components. 

The idea of transferring young plasma into older people for the purpose of rejuvenation is at least somewhat related to studies of parabiosis, which found that when an old mouse shares the circulatory system of a young mouse, the old mouse appears to get younger (and the young mouse appears to get older, by some measures). 

The thinking here is that there are components in the blood--possibly non-cell components such as hormones and signaling factors--that affect health and rejuvenation capacity. 

One way to replicate these possible positive effects of non-cell components of young blood is to infuse older people with plasma from younger people. Plasma donation and infusion are common and standardized medical procedures, so it does not need special development or approval like a new pharmaceutical does. 

At least one company is providing this service commercially: Ambrosia. As of this writing, their website is not functioning properly. 

It would be interesting to many members of this group if anyone receiving young plasma would share their experiences in this section of the forum. If you'd like to share your story, I invite you to click "start a new topic" on the right side of the forum page in this section. 

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