Has anyone heard of this?


The speaker presented a talk indicating that users got substantial drop in DNA methylation age results - I seem to recall an average of 8 years after 6 months usage

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  • The mice got CaAKG with their food throughout the day. I’ll be skipping Rejuvant and just take smaller amounts through the day.

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    • Chuck Frasher my solution is to make a smoothie with the day's dosage of CaAKG and some protein powder and drink it at times through the day, like before and after exercising.

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      Chuck Frasher You mentioned making a smoothie with the daily dosage of Ca-AKG.  How many grams do you include in the smoothie?  All of the AKG labels I've seen say to take one gram in the morning.  Well, that doesn't seem adequate to me.  

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    • Jay Orman I scoop  about 1500 mg Ca-AKG into my smoothies. 

    • Jay Orman Hi Jay. That was Chuck Stanley that mentioned the smoothie. I shake one gram up in a glass bottle. I shake it really hard with a little water and sometimes with creatine. After I drink it I add a little more water to get any residue that’s left. 😊

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    • Chuck Frasher Whats the purpose in all of that? Why not just take a couple of grams rather than squeezing the life out of the 1 gram? There are people who are taking 3-4 grams that are having dramatic results.

    • Fred Cloud I would be cautious about believing anecdotal reports of dramatic effects from a supplement. The primary researchers of AKG, like Brian Kennedy think that about a gram is what will be efficacious for humans. And they use the CaAKG form but it’s time released. But in the experiments it was just given in their food throughout the day, so if you want to mimicking the time release just take smaller amounts throughout the day. The other thing though is Brian Kennedy said they wanted to get it into the intestines before it was degraded so I guess they’re product allows it to pass through the stomach.

      If you want dramatic anti-aging effects you better go for frequent extended fasts (4 to 5 days) followed by a careful refeeding, keeping in mind that it’s during the refeeding, giving your body all of the nutrients it can use (low calories at first), is when the magic happens. It initiates a deep state of autophagy and upon refeeding your body creates new stem cells. Or you can try Prolon fasting mimicking diet. 

      Low dose intermittent Rapamycin with occasional breaks is another good option for more dramatic anti-aging effects. There are many who take Metformin with Rapamycin for three months and take a month off. So you have 3 months of protection from the friction of mTOR as well as increased autophagy and then on the 4th month you take a break to increase those growth factors for regeneration of new tissue and repair.

      all of these other supplements are useful in various ways but will never compare.

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  • I've found Ca-AKG with widely varying prices.  Rejuvant apparently charges a high price for controlled-release tablets (1000 mg daily) and Alive By Science likely charges a high price for a Powdered Liposomal Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate with better absorption (900 mg daily).  Finally, Prohealth Longevity apparently offers Ca-AKG very cheaply at $18.52 for a month's supply (1000 mg daily).

    Well, $110-$149 monthly for Rejuvant, $48.95 monthly for Alive By Science or $18.52 monthly for Prohealth Longevity?  

    Does anyone know (for sure) if the Prohealth Longevity product is vastly worse than the others?  Or, are the other two products vastly better than the $18.52 monthly product?  Are we dealing with any form of snake oil, high class or otherwise, here? 

  • I get 67 scoops (100g) of Ca-AKG for about $50 on Amazon. Two scoops is 3 grams, meaning it would last about a month.  Has anyone tried bulk powder from other sources? Chinese suppliers are quoting around $150 for a kilogram. If so, what was the experience?

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    • chuck stanley Hi. Which product on Amazon do you buy?

    • Chuck Frasher Hi. I've been using the Maxx Herb.

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  • Just recently published in “”

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  • Is there any reason to think that Arg-AKG wouldn't work as well as Ca-AKG? These are both salts of AKG. Arg-AKG is much cheaper and has zero taste compared with Ca-AKG. I switched about 9 months ago after beginning Ca-AKG in Feb 2021.
    At the switch I did a calculation on MW of Ca-AKG vs Arg-AKG to follow on my back-of-envelope calculation on the 2% w/w in rodent chow in the Kennedy study to see if I could get about the same amount of free base AKG (using the debatable rodent/human per kg adjustment) as the rodents in the study.
    I do 8.5 gr of Arg-AKG daily in one dose (too much trouble to break it up across the day) dissolved in water or bone broth. Hard for me to say if it is having some beneficial effect. I added NMN/resveratrol a couple of months later, and I am not much for subjective reactions anyway.
    Bodybuilders have been doing Arg-AKG for years at that dose or more based on some nitric oxide muscle building hypothesis that doesn't appear to be demonstrated conclusively.

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    • Dennis Bittner Or just take plain AKG, I used it for 9 months and reversed my methylation age 14 years. So it works just fine too. So you dont need to use a salt, unless it irritates your gut.

  • I have a strong stomach, but even in capsules the free base form (from Double Wood) was a little nauseating for me (I was surprised to even notice), and releasing it from capsules was god-awful tasting.
    To get 5 gr AKG per day (my goal from reading the Kennedy/Buck Institute study paper doing calculation as described above) would be a lot of capsules and cost a lot. I think 5 gr is conservative compared to what the rodents got. I forget how much they are dosing the humans with in that NUS clinical trial Kennedy is doing at his new gig in Singapore.
    Which methylation clock did you use? Like most epigenomic stuff, they all give different results is what I have heard (not surprising). And what was your dose regimen?

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    • Dennis Bittner Yeah, 5 grams of plain akg is probably going to give you problems. So if you are going to go that high I would use the Arg-AKG or a mix. I think higher doses is a great idea and there is greater efficacy with higher doses. I am not sure you need to go as high as 5 grams, but maybe. I would ramp up to tolerance and check your methylation frequently or use levine calculator based off of bloodwork. Are you tracking your methylation yet? You should do a before test if not.

  • As mentioned above, I have been doing 8.5 gr Arg-AKG daily for 9 months (since about June 2021). Before that, I did whatever the equivalent is of Ca-AKG for about 4 months (Arg of course has a much higher MW than Ca). The calcium salt costs a lot more than the Arg salt, and it didn't make sense to me that the Arg salt wouldn't just dissociate in my gut and work the same as the Ca salt (used in the Kennedy study in dry chow). And if there is anything to the body builder lore about nitric oxide and muscle growth with Arg AKG, I have that covered with 2x/week strength training, too. My buddy at UC Irvine who'd told me initially about the Kennedy study only does the Arg-AKG on days he lifts, but I am going daily because it's cheap, easy, and no way it can be harmful.
    I did the Horvath test licensed by Zymo Research (DNAge) last April or so to check methylation, a couple of months into AKG but just before starting daily NMN-NR-resveratrol-pterostilbene-quercetin. However, any epigenome methylation results now will be confounded now by 1 gr daily resveratrol. I will look into the Levine stuff, thanks for that.
    Like I said, in my opinion 5 gr AKG is conservative based on the Buck Institute study and using the available conversion factor for mg drug/kg BW dosing in humans vs rodents (I weigh 75 kg). The Kennedy study fed ad libitum, not dosing with precision like a clinical trial, so no way to know the mg weight of AKG consumed per gram weight of rodent....although they got around any timed-release issues that way, I guess. 
    However, I made rough estimates based on the 2% w/w in the dry chow used and the presumed weight range of the rodents. I can't remember right now if they were mice or rats, but I went through that paper with a fine-toothed comb at the time in doing my calculations, even did a blog post on it for a client. 
    Ideally, I would put the Arg-AKG in water and sip at it all day (I put it in my dog's water bowl, so that is how she gets it), but I don't drink water that way (dispersed) unless I am on a bike ride for more than an hour. Otherwise, I put it in bone broth (along with my daily dose of creatine) that I hope is not messing too much with time-restricted eating....not to mention the Sinclair-recommended tablespoon of full-fat yogurt for resveratrol absorption (that I mix with a tbsp of fish oil for even more fat-enabled bioavailability and a good opportunity to hit omega-3s hard daily). 

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