TRIIM study results are in

Study Results Suggest Human Aging Can Be Reversed

Reversal of epigenetic aging and immunosenescent trends in humans


A small clinical trial, which was conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr. Greg Fahy, has shown for the first time in humans that reversing biological age may be possible.

The researchers spent a year running the Thymus Regeneration, Immunorestoration,

and Insulin Mitigation (TRIIM) trial, which included 9 volunteers aged between 51 and 65. The trial was aimed at testing if a growth hormone and drug combination could be used safely in humans to restore thymic function lost due to aging.

The thymus is a vitally important immune organ responsible for producing T cells that combat infections, repel invading pathogens, and destroy cancer. However, after puberty, the thymus begins to shrink in a process known as involution; gradually, the T cell-producing tissues turn to fat, and the organ wastes away with a corresponding decline in T cell production and loss of immune function. This, of course, then leaves us wide open to attack from pathogens and diseases.

Previous animal and some human studies suggested that growth hormone can stimulate the regeneration of the thymus but can also encourage the onset of diabetes. With this in mind, the researchers added two anti-diabetic drugs, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and metformin, to the treatment regimen.

The participants were given a combination of growth hormone and two types of diabetes medications during the study; on average, their biological ages were reduced by an average of 2.5 years, as measured by the epigenetic clock. This clock works by examining the epigenome, the alterations to gene expression that predictably change throughout lifespan and so can be reliably used to estimate a person’s biological age.

Is there are new treatment coming? Sounds like 

  • DHEA
  • Metformin
  • 'Growth hormone', IGF-1? (haven't fully read the paper yet)
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  • I've just been lurking a bit, relatively new here, and I had seen the news reports when they surfaced recently about this TRIIM study.

    I haven't seen anywhere yet what form of 'Growth hormone' was used - has anyone come across further info regarding that?

    • Jimmy
    • Jim_N
    • 4 yrs ago
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    I read someone took the dna age test before and after metformin and their biological age was reduced.  Maybe it was just the metformin?

    • Jim N 

      Very good point !

      And very easy to check, actually.

      • JGC
      • Retired Professor of Physics
      • JGC
      • 3 yrs ago
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          After having taken Metformin daily for a couple of years, in 2019 I had my DNAm age checked by Zymo Research (which uses the CpGs for the 2nd version of Steve Horvath's methylation age test).  The result was that my methylation age was about 6 months lower than my calendar age, so they were identical within the errors of the test.

          A couple of months ago I had a new DNAm test done by EpiAging (see LINK).  It gave a DNAm age that was 21 years younger than my calendar age!   I'm now having a new test done by Zymo, to see if this unexpected result can be confirmed.  Either I've been doing some very good stuff in the last two years that has dramatically reset my epigenome, or there are problems with the EpiAging test.  We'll see soon.

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    • I am actually quite confused with all those clocks. Very difficult to interpret, and no relationship with each other. Here are some values:

      Calendar Age: 70
      myDnage      : 75
      epiAge          : 66.5
      levin's phenoAge: 60.6 photoage: 52 (19 parameters): 35

      Any assistance in interpreting such disparate results will be appreciated.


  • isn´t there anyone who has tried this out by themselves? 
    I am considering looking for a good physician and then try it out myself. I am new to the forum, but willing to try out potential ways to stay younger. Is there any other study that is as promising as the TRIIM study?

    • Spasov
    • Spasov
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I used growth hormone for a year. There were many positive effects and they were completely measurable. But things didn't go well for me. I got a mitral valve prolapse .

    GH can cause real changes in the body, but not always positive.

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    • Spasov Sorry to hear that, how many IU's were you using?

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      • Spasov
      • Spasov
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Fred Cloud Thanks Fred! 3 UI daily.

      I think GH is a very powerful but temporary doping. After I stopped it, my physical indicators returned to the previous state. Putting on the table and the potential risks, I would not recommend it to prolong life.

      After feeling how strong it is, I understand that it can regenerate the thymus, but I think it is temporary.


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