Rapamycin and Fatigue

Is it a common side effect?  I've been experiencing more tiredness in the last few weeks than at any time previously.  Not sure if it is further aging catching up with me or a possible side effect of 10mg of Rapa weekly.  Hasn't affected daily activities, just push my way through it.  Noticing reduced strength when doing squats and pushups also.  Anyone else?

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    From this paper on Rapamycin administration on a cohort of cancer patients, summary of side effects. Fatigue is very common, especially at higher effective dosing (eg. higher Sirolimus alone or if taken at lower doses with GFJ)


  • Are you starting out at 10mg as most start out at 6mg?

    Too much autophagy can create fatigue, when I was combining spermidine and rapamycin, it was too much and caused fatigue.

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    • Fred Cloud The first months when I started with spermidine it made me sleepy. Therefore I took it in the evenings and I defintely slept better. After a few months that effect was not so prominent anymore. 

  • Thanks for the info.  I'm going to drop it to 5mg for a couple months and see how it goes.

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