Astaxanthin - A proven life extending supplement?

New and unpublished data from the ITP (Interventions Testing Program) show that Astaxanthin is one of  few substances that show life extending effects, At least when tested rigorously in the programs three labs. Not  many substances show that effect when put through a rigorous scientific testing program. ( Only a handful so far).


The data is preliminary, but I think it will be useful to have specific Astaxanthin discussion here. This since Dr Richard Miller, who runs one of the three labs in the Interventions Testing Program, say that Astaxanthin is one of two upcoming substances that has a real effect on lifespan/healthspan. 


Please share any astaxanthin-experience you might have. 

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  • I've been taking a small amount, 4mg/day, for more than 10 years. It was recommended by my family doctor for eye health.

    The most I can say is that at age 82 I havent had to have any cataracts removed. However, my visual acuity has steadily gotten worse. Based on Dr. Miller's preliminary findings I will increase to 8 mg.

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    • chuck stanley  Thank you for sharing. I hope he and his lab will release the final data this year.


      But as I undertand the  "hints" he gave in the interview (based on the preliminary data they have) Astaxanthin is more exciting than Fisetin.


      But since all mice in the testing program are not yet dead, the data at this point is not the final data. And that is why he could not go into specifics. 

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