Sources of dasatinib

Hello everyone, 

We’ve received reports from Age Reversal Network members about lower-cost sources of dasatinib. This post is intended to aggregate this information into a single forum post for easy reference and sharing.

The two sources we’re excited about are:

1. MedLab: A pharmacy that will compound dasatinib specifically for your body weight. They offer a customized dasatinib two capsule dose for $225.  This represents a one-year supply for most people.

The physician may advise that you take the first dasatinib capsule week one along with the dose-adjusted amount of quercetin and the second dose-adjusted dasatinib capsule week two along with the dose-adjusted amount of quercetin. (Doses are based on your body weight.)

The chart below describes current dosing for senolytic purposes. This requires a prescription and the pharmacy can only ship to Florida addresses. You can contact the pharmacy at 954-400-0560 or email the pharmacist at

2. International Antiaging Systems (IAS): By July 31st of this year, IAS plans to offer 12 x 40 mg tablets of dasatinib for $99. This represents an average one-year dose that can be individually dosed based on numbers of 40 mg dasatinib tablets you need for your body weight.

For instance, if you weigh 175 pounds, you might want to take 5 of these 40 mg dasatinib tablets to match current dosing suggestions of 2.5 mg of dasatinib per kilogram of body weight. When your weight does not match exactly with the 40 mg dose, members of our private association report taking the additional tablet (making the dose slightly high for your body weight) to achieve desired senolytic effects.

We’ve been told that these dasatinib tablets will be available after July 31, 2019 by logging on to (Use password = research, then click the green button saying that you accept the terms and conditions, "T&C", after you've reviewed them).

IAS has pledged to donate 15% of the purchase price from all orders placed on this site ( to support human age reversal research. IAS posted this information just a few days ago on the forum here.

While our private association does not have the resources to vouch for these various options, we are grateful that some of our members have independently evaluated (assayed them by an independent analytical lab) them for their personal use, and have then worked with their physician to ensure proper prescribing.

The PowerPoint slide below summarizes dasatinib and quercetin dosing most people are currently self-experimenting with.


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  • Thanks, Maximus.

    As I noted elsewhere, I have seen two certificates of analysis for the dasatinib that IAS is offering. Both COAs showed that it's excellent quality (contains the indicated amount, without impurities) and is manufactured in an EU country. So this would be an excellent option for people not in Florida.


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  • Max Peto said:
    Before July 31, 2019, we’ve been told that these dasatinib tablets will be available by logging on to (Use password = research, then click the green button saying that you accept the terms and conditions, "T&C", after you've reviewed them).

     Here is the info on the IAS website: 

    This product is temporarily out of stock

    Sprycel (Dasatinib)


    60 tablets x 20mg


    So, it is out of stock and a tad more expensive than the $99 price point. Will this change after July 31st?



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      • Max Petomoderator
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      Michael Avenoso Hi Michael, 

      Thanks for the message. I made an error in my post: it is after July 31st. These are not yet available. 

      I will change my original post. 

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  • Dasatinib - DasaPro - is now available from (password = research) at US $99.99 for 12 x 40mg double scored tablets.

    As stated elsewhere all orders via will donate 15% to the Age Reversal charity. Other products available from this site include RapaPro (rapamycin), MetPro (metformin), DepPro (deprenyl) and OxyPro (oxytocin).

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  • Thanks so much for the update; just placed an order! 

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  • Did you get the Western Union payment options to work, or request an invoice?  I tried Western Union, but the information seemed insufficient for their form.  Also, have you had any response from them?




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    • Patrick McHargue 

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    • Patrick McHargue , I was able to get an order thorough, and confirmation of payment accepted , by going to the website. There they linked me to the approved IAS store , and I paid using check2pay, as I’ve done in the past ordering other products from them .

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    • angie4life At the website, there were only the 'invoice' and 'Western Union' payment options shown when I tried ordering.  I tried WU and failed miserably.  I'll try again and select the invoice option.  Maybe that will bring up the link you mentioned.

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    • angie4life I managed to complete payment for this using TransferWise.  I figured out how to turn on international calling on my phone, and spoke with them to confirm the details.  I have blood-work before, we'll see how this tests out a few months after.

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    • Patrick McHargue Patrick McHargue , so happy you got it to work ; the payment page I used allowed me to pay using my checking account , which I’ve done many times in the past .  Hoping for a restock with them for NalPro ( has been out for months ), and RapaPro which has been out for several weeks .  The Profound products are of excellent quality in my experience, and I’m so happy IAS carries them .

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