Juvan’s Neel skin gel

Anybody trying this?

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  • yes, started yesterday

  • Googling did not find "Juvan’s Neel skin gel".  Have a mfr / product URL?

  • I believe active ingredient is GHK, which is not new to skin care.

    website is neel.bio

  • No, I have not tried this face gel. I only use mild soap without parabens. I have skin problems, so any product provokes allergies. All cleansers contain parabens and other substances that are bad for my skin. Natural soaps are good for your skin if you use them regularly. This is especially true for those who have any problems or skin diseases. When battling various skin ailments, it's important to expose the skin to the least amount of potential irritants possible. I have tried expensive series of professional facial care cosmetics, but most of them over-dry my skin. Now I only order soaps from https://mildsoaps.com/parabens-free/.

  • I have, this stuff is really good, its the best skin product I have used, notably it gave my skin improved color and got rid of the bags under my eyes.  I think it made the thinnest skin on my face become a bit thicker.

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  • My wife really likes this product. Now on my 3rd order. Still waiting for the real stuff to come out.

  • There are a lot of different great skincare products right now. Therefore, in my opinion, it is now important to find products that are not too expensive but at the same time are of sufficient quality and effective. I usually look for something on https://hoopladoopla.com/category/beauty-personal-care. I ordered skin gels and various skin care products and liked their quality. In addition, it is easy to place an order with them, and it is convenient to navigate the site.

  • I tried Juvan's Neel skin gel a few months ago. The effect is great.

  • I can see a few issues with the cosmetic gel.First of all it very expensive, not to mention that cosmetic are formulated not to penetrate stratum corneum plus GHK Cu is a water soluble molecule making it even more difficult to deliver this to epidermis or deeper layer to dermis where it may or may not have an effect..Also the GHK Cu can be bought in powder , it is quite cheap one can formulate it in a cream base ..does anyone know about the concentration used in this gel?

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