[Survey]: What motivates your interest in Rescue Elders?

Hi everyone, 

What brings you to Rescue Elders

Go ahead and reply to this thread, and tell us your single strongest motivating factor for following human age-reversal, and to follow Rescue Elders in particular. 

Sharing your interest here will also help other users get to know you. Maybe the community can help you find what you're looking for! 

Some reasons you might have include: 

  • Personal desire to reverse age-related degeneration (older people)
  • Concern for a loved-one
  • Prevention of age-related degeneration (younger people)
  • Interest in investing in human age-reversal technologies
  • You have a specific medical condition you want to cure/reverse

As for me, I'm still pretty young, and am highly interested in preventing age-related degeneration. The sooner these technologies are validated and successfully keeping people healthier for longer, the more likely it is that I'll get to stay healthy and youthful for a long, long time. So I think of it as in my best interest to see these technologies "rescue" as many older people as possible, as soon as possible. 

What is your single, strongest, motivating factor for being here at Rescue Elders

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  • Hello, I would like to find out how to get Metformin without a prescription. Bill Faloon said that he can get it from Canada or England.  are we sure the product is pure metformin?

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    • Blondeekh  Hello Blondeekh. I'm not familiar with how to get prescription chemicals without a prescription. I'm also not acquainted with which sellers would have pure pharmaceuticals. Perhaps another Rescue Elders member could help you. 

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      • Jajja
      • Jajja
      • 11 mths ago
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      Blondeekh Have you asked your doctor to prescribe Metformin?  I did although I did not present as diabetic and my doctor obliged.  I have been taking it for about three or four years and I think it helped me to lose weight.  I also take Life Extension AMPK in the new formulation, which you might want to read about.  Show your doc the anti-aging research and find a Proactive health practitioner if that doesn’t work.  

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    • Blondeekh Hi Blondeekh, metformin is available in Thailand without prescription and is available in every pharmacy...and it is as cheap as candy, literally! I bought a 10 pill packet and a bag of m&m's and paid more for the m&m's! I was taking metformin over there for a while but stopped because I didn't like the bloated-yuck feeling that metformin gives me...I found I prefer fasting. You could take an extended vacation over there while experimenting with metformin to see how you like it.

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    • Xinixo1
    • Aging is an incredible process in which we slowly become the person we always should have been. Continue the journey!
    • Xinixo1
    • 10 mths ago
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    I have several reasons for my interest.  First and foremost, I want to contribute to the scientific research on ageing as it relates to other diseases.  I believe this research will develop techniques that can be used in other research areas for deseases that destroy the body and will have  revolutionary and far reaching effects.  Secondly, I want to understand, stay informed and in communication with the Discoveries, and technological advancements to determine if similar techniques could be applied to the research and cure for Diabetes and brain related illnesses such as bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia as well as the degenerative deseases of the brain that are currently being studied.  Lastly, I myself am in my 50's and have a family history of dementia and other age related diseases and I wish to avoid becoming an unnecessary burden to my family or society.  I am currently an organ donor because I want to help others and be used for scientific research.  In the same token, I wish to donate my body during my lifetime to improve and benefit science the lives of the next generation.

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    • Xinixo1 Thanks for sharing your story! 

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    • Xinixo1 First of all, you are just barking up the wrong tree when it comes to psychiatric problems. Beware the myth of endogeny! Know more at: http://www.FoolQuest.com/atheism.htm#endogeny

      But as for as overcoming Diabetes and possibly related degenerative conditions of the brain, among other dire complications of obesity, the greatest neglected promise remains with Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein. Know more at: http://FoolQuest.com/kriosgrad.htm#metabolic

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  • Hey Maximus!

    To be entirely honest, it's hard for me to know what motivates me more in my Rescue Elders work: the desire to help myself, or the desire to help others.

    But I can say that watching my mother's growing frailty has added a kind of urgency to my involvement with Rescue Elders. I do not want to lose her, and I believe that with enough effort, I/we can help her, and people in her situation (those who can't wait more than 2–3 years for more effective treatments of age-related decline than those we have now).


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    • BrianMDelaney  I'm glad you're here to help, Brian. And I certainly wish the best for your mother. I can see how that can be motivating. We must hurry!

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  • Thanks for asking the question.   It made me consider my rationale more deeply.  My single strongest motivating factor is my desire to stay as physically and mentally robust as I was in my  50's and 60's for the shear pleasure of being fit and energetic and in order to be a service to others based on my abilities and observed needs. 

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  • I wish rescue elders would include a new blog topic on glycation reduction or reversal research or self testing for age reduction.

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    • are we there yet Noted. Thanks for the input!

      We haven't yet started or maintained a blog. We have thus far left that for other people to explain the science and mechanisms. For now, we're focusing on research and self-experimentation to find what's effective and available, now

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  • I've desired to not have an expiration date since I first learned about death as a kid, and have done everything within my means since early adulthood. The problem has always been information. Presently LEF and Society for Age Reversal has been my go to source for information as I enter my later years and go beyond just lifestyle (which worked great when I was younger, but I expect becomes much less effective as I continue to age). 

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  • mortal terror

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  • A belief that intelligent aging individuals can self test, based on lab animal studies and feedback of their own community of like minded, to gain a longer, more youthful life.... sirolimus, and metformin is noticeably working for me.

    In short, I want a community of smart lab animals running their own study learning from each other.

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