The problem with this forum and others as I see it

I love it and truly appreciate the intelligent back and forth BUT, physical photo-aging evidence is entirely lacking. PHOTOS. I don't care about your blood sugar levels. I want to SEE the results of your protocol.


Thank you

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  • This is why in addition to everything else, I also focus on hair rejuvenation.   I started out 9 months ago with 30% bald and 50% grey.   I'm at 20% bald, 40% grey today and I'm 51.   I plan to celebrate my 30th birthday in July next year.   Everyone is invited to my bday bash and you can watch me jog for hours nonstop.   I'm very healthy today and hope I will be then.   When I was at 30 I was in much worse shape compared to today.

    I don't think I'll fail the blind test; if you don't know anything about me, you should conclude that I'm 30 y/o.   :)   I agree that if I see anything other than standard appearance of a younger body, I would be a little bit less credulous about anti aging results.    Hair rejuvenation is a very difficult topic, if I can accomplish this task, then other parts of the body is not a problem.   BTW, NMN boosts my cognitive functions in a big way but I know you're less impressed of that than something a bit more visual.

    Working hard on it...

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    • Chan Most people are convinced by a " standard appearance of a younger body "

      Seeing is believing :)

      The fact that you are in better shape now doesn't mean a thing.  20 years ago you did not take care of your body... now you do.

      50 is not " old " yet. 50 is more like pathetic :)

    • Peter North Correction ! 50 is far from " pathetic" if you look like this :)

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  • What I do is search for images of Liz Parrish, Dr. Bill Andrews, Dr. Ed Park and compare images.   I also look up Suzanne Somers.    I think with the exception of Dr. Andrews, all others showed anti aging appearance.   Some have Youtube presence as well.

    You may also look up Vince of "My NMN Experiment" on Youtube.   I think he got younger physically too.    My improved hair condition observation was unsolicited and unprompted.   Out of the blue I was told my hair is healthier.    My mom's hair was all white but shows 20% dark roots.    She's addicted to sugar so didn't make as much improvement as I was hoping for.

  • Chan What is your protocol for hair rejuvenation?  I need to start improving that myself.

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      Dorian Gray My main thing is Catalase Extreme 10,000 with Saws Palmetto.    I'm also currently into MSM which contains sulfur.   Lately I've been putting salt water on my hair a few minutes before I rinse while taking shower.   This is because I read a paper that a different kind of bacteria exists in those with hair problems.   I also take care to dry my hair using a hair dryer as oppose to just using a towel.   If I do that I'd have to go through a towel each time but I don't like doing that.  

      And I'm backing off hot showers.   Just think how long it takes to heat up a pot of water.    This means there's a tremendous amount of heat in hot water that we can't feel (because there's not much nerve endings on the scalp).    This heat kills the delicate hair stems.    And of course you need a tremendous amount of patience.   For some, they'll see results after a month.   For me, I started finding one grey hair with dark root after 4 months or so, then many more after that.    When I pull my hair, they no longer come out in bunch, every remaining hair is solidly rooted.   :)

  • The work of two researchers in reprogramming of adult skin cells turning them into stem cells provides the fundamental hope and justification for anti aging.   Here we have differentiated somatic cells becoming undifferentiated stem cells.   They just had to turn on some set of genes.   This is about aging reversal so I'm not interested in an eternal rest with a nice looking corpse or being a healthy old man.   Although cell engineering in the lab is vastly different from our efforts on a very high level, I think the two are related and support one another.   And by the way, the reprogramming effort was Nobel prize worthy.   The researchers received the prize.   This is my kind of science.   Straight from the researchers on one end, and on the other hand we have "citizen scientists" like those on this forum and many other web spaces.   We take what's good and ignore the rest.   I think at this point, most citizen scientists don't bother with telomeres and lengthening it.    It's just a mechanic for cell replication and is not a useful target for anti aging experiments.

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    • Chan and what do you do chan to lengthen telomeres?

  • AMEN !  I am not interested to live any longer than I already have ( over 50 ) !

    All of us are interested  living in a biologically 20 - 30 year old body !

    Liz Parrish knows best :) You look old you are sick .  So true !

    That's why I really want to know whats happening with Dr Brad Thompson total skin rejuvenation. He promised to rejuvenate any organ by 2021 !

    All of us should stop lying  about aging  can be graceful or age is just a number bull shit .  AGING SUCKS ALL TOGETHER !!!!

  • Can someone that's been experimenting with homemade Rapa cream please post before after photos? THANK YOU

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  • What works for me might not for others, not medical advice etc;

    I started taking the exercise supplement (A)AKG about a month ago. I seemed to get more energy when exercising after about 3 days. Recently my wife and I think my hair is a little darker and some hair regrowth up top. This did also happen in a mouse study apparently but I'm skeptical as this is a common supplement and you'd expect such reports to spread like wildfire!

    But this is confounded by also taking spermidine which some on this forum credit for better hair, and NAD precursors.

    Also without taking photos in controlled conditions what does before and after really tell us? I can say that people like David Sinclair look slightly younger now than they did 10 years ago without any evidence of botox. Then there are people like Tom Cruise... who knows?

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      • Michael
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      Jack Black GH made most of my gray hair blonde / brown again. 

  • I created a thread offering those to state what they're doing / done / interests in certain fields...completely empty. Pretty quiet community 

  • Pictures? Everyone looks different. Just because someone looks old doesn’t mean that anti-aging treatments aren’t helping them. My main interest is keeping my brain healthy.

    That being said, when I was 29 I went to school again for the third time. I was a music performance major with an addiction problem. I smoked, drank, and did drugs. I worked at a Schlotzkys restaurant for a few months, part time. So one day while we were closing we were all finishing up and talking and I said something about my age, I can’t remember what. And someone asked how old I was and I told them 29. And you should have seen the heads turn. The owner’s son said “I thought you were maybe 16”. And another person said the “me too”. And I got comments like that all the time from people. And I can tell you that I was doing all kinds of damage to my body. We are not all the same and we all look different. I’m thinking maybe it’s just the shape of my face or something. Anyway, Anti-aging techniques help people increase their health span regardless of what they look like. And as far as I’m concerned, feeling well is what it’s all about. 

    I have been fasting 5 days a month (most months) now for about 9 months now. I eat primarily a plant based diet with some fish and a little chicken here and there. I take Metformin and supplements to protect against glycation (Benfotiamine, R lipoic acid, Carnosine, and pyridoxal-5-phosphate etc). And I also take CoQ10, PPQ and recently added Elixer from Toniiq. It contains Resveratrol 500 mg, NMN 500 mg, and Trimethylglycine 500 mg. I also started working out and walking an hour every day. And I cannot describe the difference in the way I feel!!! My brain is most definitely healing and rejuvenation. I feel like I’m in a different world with a new life! And that’s what counts. Looking good is just a bonus.

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  • Thanks for sharing. Starting back up with exercise after a 20 year lay-off did it for me as well. Unfortunately I took the cardio to the extreme and lost all facial fat/pads.

    However.... I've recently started up TRT and it has rounded out my face once again!

    Back to the TREADMILL!

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    • Andrew P K Yap smiling makes you look younger!

    • Paul Beauchemin Compare the 1st photo with the 4th July photo. Both are framed the same way - hardly smiling.

  • You must understand I started posting to IG as a record for myself.

    Like you I wanted "photo evidence".

    But since you requested, I'm giving to you the links to my photos.

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  • I appreciate it. Looking great!

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