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I inadvertently started on this 5 years ago when I started taking Metformin. Was diagnosed with a Gleason 6 prostate cancer. Docs didn't want to treat just monitor. Found that diabetics taking Metformin had a very low chance of dying from PC.


Just found this site after reading David Sinclairs book LifeSpan and put blood test results into Aging.AI and result was predicted age of 49. I'm 67.


I've suffered from TMJ for years and as a result don't eat a lot - kind of a caloric restriction, so I think that may have an impact on predicted age from what I've read.

My wife put her test results into Aging.AI and her predicted age was 59. She is 55.

We have an active lifestyle and bike, hike or walk every day. But she doesn't take MEtformin and she eats a lot more than me though she is quite fit.

I just started taking Rapamycin two weeks ago, so will be interesting to see if that has an effect

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  • So you started the Metformin to treat the cancer, not because you’re diabetic?

    • Karl no, I'm not diabetic although my Dad was and one of my brothers are.

  • So I started taking 5 mg Rapamycin at the start of Dec. This week the morning after I woke up with unexplained anxiety which has gone away after a couple of days. One of the noted side effects

  • Took a dose of Dasatinab yesterday. Used Dasapro from the anti-aging store. $89 for 360 mg. Split in two will take a second dose next week. Experienced diarrhea and a slight headache at bedtime but nothing else 

    dosage 180 mg/ 60 kg plus 1500 mg quercetin

  • Update on blood work after 3 months on Rapamycin and one D & Q treatment.

    For about 5 years now I've been getting poor results on kidney functions - low eGfr and high creatine. My grandfather and aunt both died of kidney disease, so i figured that was hereditary.

    My eGfr increased from averaging 52 to 89 and my Creatine dropped from 1.41 to 0.88

    I am ecstatic about these results! Didn't exercise much over the last 3 months either due to winter, so maybe able to improve.

    Using the Levine spreadsheet provided by others on this forum my predicted DNAage dropped from 63.5 with last years blood work to 51.3. Hopefully there is some validity to this! Best part is my predicted mortality risk dropped from 16.6% to 5.8% over the next 10 years

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      Paul Beauchemin great news and thanks for sharing.

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  • I've had a second set of blood tests done in June to confirm Feb results and they were pretty close.

    Had high Total Cholesterol and LDL-c but my HDL was over 70  and my triglycerides were under 70.  My ratio of Tot C/HDL was good at 3.3 and Trig/HDL was 1.1 also good. LDL-p was quite low. I do a low carb/high fat diet so this was expected and despite my doctors insistence, I see no need for a statin.


    I started on a 30 M rapamycin skin cream about 30 days ago. Wrinkles look better but very hard to quantify.


    I also started on 150 pg of GDF11 this week.

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