Senolytics and Covid-19

great discussion on why senolytics could be major help in combating Covid-19. 
talks about Rapamycin and Dasatinib too. Glad I didn’t stop Rapamycin 

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    • Larry
    • Larry.1
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Very interesting. I wonder if D&Q helps to remove senescent cells in the lungs? I've never heard that. Maybe Azithromycin acts against lung tissue senescence? I've been on Rapamycin and D&Q so I'm hopeful. 

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    • Larry Paul Beauchemin

      When it comes to penetrating lung tissue I think life extenstion’s senolytic activator is worth a try. My brother have had a terrible case of Lung sarcoidosis and he did not get much help from standard medical treatment. When I read about research on Q and Sarcoidosis and inflammatory markers, which indicated that Q could have some effect on the disease, we decided to try Quercetin


      Q had some effect on his sarcoidosis, but he got the strongest effect when he, on two consecutive days, took double dose senolytic activator. It gave an instant and incredible effect that lasted for 1-2 weeks. And after each session the disease was pushed back a bit. He has taken double dose senolytic actvator for some time now and the effect has been far above our best hope. He had been on the regime every two weeks.


      This is the experience that makes me think that senolytic activator could have some effect on some diseases in the Lungs.


      At one stage he also did large doses on Q between the sessions with senolytic activator. Initially daily doses of Q had some positive effect. But what is a bit confusing is that when he, after a couple of months, run out of Q he became even better. That gave us the idea that large doses of Q taken on long term basis might not add have any benefit to the treatment with senolytic actitvator.

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      • Karl
      • Karl.1
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Larry Zithromax has immunomodulatory (sp?) effects and likely decreases inflammation.  I believe it is also a senolytic.


  • Thanks Paul that was a great U Tube presentation.  Getting some Azithromycin Asap.

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