Senolytic Effects of FOXO4-DRI

I found this research on target specific effects of FOXO4-DRI to be interesting.  Please add your thoughts and links to any other research.  Could this be a viable experimental therapy?

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  • Thanks.   Do you know how frequently you have to take it?

  • This is very interesting. Check my thread on fisetin. I have been taking it and could swear my testosterone levels were being elevated. This looks to be exactly what was causing it. I can testify to the fact if you take fisetin for the senylotic effect it will raise testosterone levels.


    I swear I think this the exact mechanism that is doing it.

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  • I take fisetin and quercetin with black tea extract but haven't noticed anything.  I'm 69.  I did just started taking Sam-e as I have genetics on both sides that effect meth-elation.  I've always had to deal with a lack of energy.  It is starting to give me some energy unless it's the placbo effect.   I also started taking Ipamorelin for the growth hormone releasing effect so that might be having an effect.  Just seem to notice a little more get up and go.  Hope spring eternal as they say.

  • How are you taking fisetin? I do three large doses once a month. 3g three days In a row. I use swansons, and that means 30 tablets or a whole bottle each day for 3 days.


    For me the results were unmistakable. Vastly more energy, more dense and stronger muscle definition, some increased aggression, mental clarity...and so on. I swear by this stuff. 

  • Haven't explored it fully yet, but caught this on the subject here:

    This was interesting-FOXO4-DRI alleviates age-related testosterone secretion insufficiency by targeting senescent Leydig cells in aged mice:


    Not sure about the testosterone effect of fisetin considering maintaining or elevating it requires weekly injection or constant input from a patch or gel.  But, blood testing would answer that question.  The thing I noticed from fisetin was analgesic effect, no particular increase in energy.  Although at 69 also, I don't seem to lack. 

  • This is quoted from other sources as the definitive research reference:

    Cautions regarding combining other senolytics with FOXO4-DRI

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