Help: Drastic results on DNA biological age test

Hi I’m a long time reader and first time poster.  Advice needed please.


I just received my results from myDNAGE which shows my biological age as 69 when my chrono age is 47.  I’m a fit, slim, non-smoker and a high performing executive.  However I have suffered from immune issues all my life from allergies pollen+food, high ANA count and possible mast cell disorder.  All my blood work is usually fine.  The most recent one showed mild eGfr which my dr put down to dehydration and asked me to retest in a few months (I’m going tomorrow)


I have been taking weekly Rapamycin as a patient of Dr Green since January this year and I have done intermittent D&Q over the past 2 years.


I’m freaking out a bit here and can only assume that the test was faulty or I have something very very wrong with me.


Any advice or speculation on what could be going on here would be welcome.

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  • This type of test cannot be relied on yet. Their scientific basis is correct, but the test may be completely compromised by the methodology and the performer. In general, you can trust them just as much as a fortune teller with a crystal ball :)

  • Do you physically feel like your in good health right now?

    • Bruce B yes I feel good and better than I have done in a while which is why the results were such a surprise.  

    • Bruce B but my HRV which I have religiously tracked for 4 years across the Oura ring and a Whoop never goes above 20.  This is extremely low and I don’t know what is causing this sympathetic nervous system dominance.  I have tried meditation, fasting, holotropic breathing but nothing seems to alter it much. 

  • I hear you. I also used MyDNAGE and am a year older than chronological age. I also used Inside Tracker and was 9 years younger.  I agree with Bruce. The science is right but the methodology isn't perfected yet unfortunately. I have emailed MyDNAGE and have asked them why the big discrepancy but have not had a response.

  • Vega, I don’t know that the tests results should be discounted. 

    I read the MyDNA Age test is based on methylation patterns from 2,000 loci. Now when I look at an alternate epigenetic age test called truage ( they claim to check 900,000 loci, I would be curious if you had a similar result from a different epigenetic clock that looks at more regions.

    If you find a similar result, perhaps you want to look at joining the triim-x trial to see if you can get your immune system revamped. 

    • Bruce B thanks I also don’t feel like I can discount the results without doing some cross checking. I live in Sydney and have found this clinic that claims to treat immunosenescence and it looks like they do DNA tests as part of the program.

      I haven’t heard of the Triim x-trial before but I’ll investigate.  Thanks for your ideas.

  • Did you take a blood or saliva test?

    • Jimmy2 I took the blood test which I believe predominantly looks at white blood cells I.e. the immune system.  I haven’t heard anything back from DNAge but I’ve been in contact with a local centre who use DNA tests as part of their anti-aging program.  The nurse told me that the most difference in chrono vs bio age she has ever seen is 9 years and that is in a very ill patient.  She also said she has a few contacts at the centre so will connect with them and see if they can re-run the test.

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      Vega Rejuvinated My bio age increased by 8+ years in between tests.  I believe it was due to supplementation, which I have discontinued.  I'll be testing again in a couple of months.

  • In many ways , the reliability of the examination depends on the medical equipment of the clinic . Medical equipment that becomes unusable or fails means that medical professionals cannot provide patients with a full range of services. It can also mean a long wait time or canceling an appointment until alternatives are agreed upon. Therefore, it is important that your clinic should contact equipment maintenance specialists in time, such as

  • Vega Rejuvinated I would run your labwork through the Levine Ai spreadsheet and see if your bloodwork reflects the age of someone with a methylation age of 69. John Cramer on here put it together.

    direct link to spreadsheet.

    put your numbers in and tell us what they are and it might give you a clue if the test was off or not.

  • did you double check to make sure all the input lab values were actually in the correct unit of measure?  I did one of these tests once and my initial result was 100% guaranteed to be deceased in 10 years.  In fact, once I corrected the values, I turned out to be 19 years younger that my actual age!! lol! 

    • Karina D. The dnage test he took was a blood test.

  • Yep, there is something seriously wrong with Mydnage test. I just took it and it said I was 3 years older in my methylation age than I was just 9 months earlier. How is that even possible? I am on several things that reduce methylation age, so it would be impossible to increase a full 3 years in a period of 9 months. I spent $600 with them taking 2 tests, 9 months apart and the results they are giving are not possible.

    Vega Rejuvinated  I would ask them to re-run the test for free, insist that they do.

  • Hi Fred Cloud they have just offered to run the test for free and I am waiting for a new test kit arrive. I’ll also try the tool you mention. I’ll report back when I get the second set of results.

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