Restore NAD+ Level without NR or NMN

To keep NAD+ levels high, almost everywhere I look, it is suggested that we must supply precursors (NR  or NMN), so that we can induce "production" of NAD+. Both NR & NMN are not cheap. 

I wonder why the other side of the equation is mostly ignored. Namely, to cure the root cause of the reduced levels of NAD+ with age.

In this study, it is claimed that the root cause of NAD+ level reduction is the increase of CD38 with age. If this is true, inhibiting CD38 should be the target. 

There are many inhibitors. One that I find interesting, is apigenin.


Apigenin is a flavonoid that is inexpensive, safe and has numerous other benefits. You can even avoid buying the supplement if you are willing to eat plenty of parsley.

Of course, other CD38 inhibitors might also be utilized.

To me, this appears to be a better approach. We cure the problem (elevated CD38 that causes lower levels of NAD+), rather than the symptom (force feed precursors hoping that NAD+ will eventually be produced) 

Any feedback will be appreciated

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  • It might be more productive to remove senescent cells than trying to boost NAD.

    • Larry 

      Here I am not trying to compare boosting NAD+ with other interventions.

      Instead, for those that are interested in boosting NAD+, we suggest that there might be an alternative to supplementing with precursors such as NR or NMN.

    • Larry 

      Having read the content of the link you provided, I noticed that they also suggest that the  "CD38 expression is believed to be the key modulator of lowered NAD+ levels with aging".

      This supports my suggestion  that an intervention inhibiting CD38 might be useful for boosting NAD+

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