Rapamycin dosage at age 34

Hello I’m34 and discovered the benefits of rapamycin through news articles. I work out 3x a week do keto and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite this and probably due to unlucky genetics in have gout and high triglycerides. I want to try rapa but I cannot figure out what dosage to start with? 

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  • In a year's time or so you might have your rapa-dosage answer. The first large-scale placebo-controlled clinical trial to determine the effects of Rapamycin on human longevity is about to start. 

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  • I don't think the Rapamycin dosage depends on age, but it probably does depend on body weight.  My wife and I, both weighing around 70 kg, take 3 mg every Sunday.  Some take a larger dose, but there are side effects from taking too much too often.

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  • I'm a similar age, and am personally planning to start at 1mg per week, and gradually work upwards.

    Possibly a few weeks at 1mg... then move to 2mg etc.

    I don't feel rushed to jump straight to a higher dose.

    I remember reading that Peter Attia was doing something like 7 weeks on, 5 off. Would be curious the rationale, but perhaps taking some breaks (especially whilst young) won't hurt.

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