Good Metformin Research Paper to convince doctor

I am looking for a good Metformin research paper that I can email to my doctor to convince him to prescribe metformin off label to me. I do NOT have diabetes.

Alternatively, which online pharmacies do you trust to sell a good quality metformin without prescription ?

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  • is part of , Profound Products and IAS Group that sells Rapamycin (RapPro), Metformin (MetPro), bio peptides and much more. They are in UK and US .  Check in UK to see if you can order without a prescription.

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  • You can order without a prescription, but you can't use a credit card to pay for items that are prescription in the US.

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  • Metformin may be great ..i don't  know ,I never used it ..but o know some people that tried it ,some had problems with it ..and others use it today ..but I think it may be better to use supplements or foods as opposed to drugs ...berberine ,gynostemma,lrose hips ...and there is also night intensity exercise ,hot or cold temperature and fasting ..ofcourse I wounded how would some know what works best ..for example ,some people have ampk turned on by genetics...and Alison there is the claim that metformin is more than just an ampk activator ...anywau I just found this site and I am happy to have found ,thankfully for it !

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  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I listened recently on YouTube to an interview to David Sinclair on the Joe Rogan show, and he said that he takes one gram of Metformin every morning. Over two years, that's 0.73 kg. That, and other things, got me thinking of trying to buy it from China using Alibaba. But I am concerned about being sold some fake stuff such as chalk powder. I have read stories online of people saying they bought what they thought was NMN on Alibaba, and it turned out to be fake.

    Any suggestions of a Chinese manufacturer who makes genuine metformin and who is small enough to respond to an individual ? I emailed one from the list at with no success.

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