is pevonedistat an unknown novel anti-aging drug?

Targeting Protein Neddylation for Cancer Therapy.

I recently participated in a phase 1 dosage safety cancer clinical trial combining this investigation drug with another small molecule drug. Its the first of a new class of cancer treatment called "cyclotherapy". 

My experience is worth mentioning here. You will not find this drug associated with any research on anti-aging. I am probably the first person to report on it, publicly.

I found that this drug can interfere with MTOR, and other cellular signaling systems, by affecting the dependent proteins required to activate MTOR, early in the process.  This drug also affects the protostome machinery, which has an effect of not clearing out uneeded proteins, including MTOR signaling proteins, which can lead to overexpression, autophagy, and apoptosis, specifically in cancer and senescence cells.

I received 8 doses of this drug in three week intervals (49mg) . Within the first 1-3 weeks, I started to notice a number of positive effects.

the overall science is sound that I should have seen some effects.

I am 50 a year old male. 

1. After 15 years of having moderately high blood pressure (150/90) and taking medication, I experimented with not taking medication, and found my average BP fell to 120/80. With half doses of BP medication, I now run 115/65. 

2. CT scan shows a reduction in the size of my liver. having a number of CT scans before and after, the radiologists have stopped saying I have signs of "a fatty liver". 

3. I started to lose weight, and gain muscle mass. I have lost 25 lb (190 to 165), with no changes to diet, or exercise (really no exercise). I eat less, but I eat what I want, when I want to, with no real concern or attempt at weight loss. I now skip meals because I am not bothered enough by hunger to eat "because I am supposed to eat".  

4. 15 year chronic neck pain disappeared. I took narcotic pain meds for 10 years. I have fully tapered off them, as I no longer need them. 

5. Astigmatism improved, reducing my current eye prescription strength. I asked my optician if this common. She said it only happens when it was measured wrong before. She has done the last three measurements - each one showed an increase in the strength until the last one - post treatment. 

6. strange compulsion to work out (I hate working out, and never do, but I felt compelled to lift weights). 

7.  walking up stairs became effortless - a lightness in my step. I noticed I could no longer feel the odd aches and pains in joints under stress. I describe it as "floating" up the stairs with no effort or awareness. 

8. Ability to drink more, with little to no hangover. before 1-2 drinks could trigger a migraine with me, along with hangovers, so I avoided drinking. I found post treatment, I could "drink like I was 20" again. 

The more subjective measurements are harder to describe. 

I started "thinking" like a 20 year old. I would say to my self, this is how I used to think when I was young, but I can't describe what I was missing in my thinking to the 50 year old person I was. If I was to use one word to describe it, the word would be "Interest" .  Conversely, when I would interact with my 50 year old peers, I could "perceive" this "missingness" in them, and felt helpless to describe to them what they no longer have, that they did have when they were young.

I started to "'swagger", and stated to notice 20 year old men, gauging whether I could defeat them in a fight. I have never been in a fight, or been hit, but I start thinking this way. 

You may think this was a testosterone thing, as it resembles high testosterone behavior, however, past cancer treatments have rendered me testosterone free, so I take testosterone in very controlled doses. I know my testosterone levels were steady, because the only source for me is from external source, and these levels are tested regularly. very predictable, and steady. If I was to guess, it seemed to me that I became more sensitized to testosterone. 

Sex became a new experience - like I was 20 again. It was not about stamina, but about the primal and "newness" of sex. I was much more into it, and it felt "frantic". Again, another thing that is hard to describe, but was distinctly different. 

I felt "trapped" in a 50 year old body, like I had just wakened from a coma. The 20 year old could not understand how my body was so out of shape. 

Over the 6 months, my body shape has been transformed, losing the qualities I see in 50 year old men - flabbiness, weak shoulders, that stomach bulge below the ribs. Every day, I am seeing these disappear, and I am looking really, really good. Waist from 35 to 32. My butt is coming back, and looking "youthful". I used to wear pants designed for older men, with extra space, high waist, and straight leg. Now, I wear the low waist, tapered leg denims, and they are still baggy. I have to buy all new pants now, as my new butt is the only thing keeping my pants on. 

so there are only about 100 people or so who have taken this investigation drug in the US. Nearly all of them are seriously ill with types of bad lymphomas. this drug is always combined with some other cancer treatment, which leads to many side effects. Because of the type of cancer I have, it is easily treated, without the harsher cancer agents. I have recovered from those other cancer agents rapidly, and am now seeing the permanent effects 6 months later. This is why you have not heard of this, and this is possibly the first report you have read regarding this new drug. 

Side Effects: I saw no side effects from the "Pevo" . My blood and metabolic counts were perfect throughout treatment, better than they were before or after. The composition of my blood has changed by percentage, but there are no low counts. 

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  • You've lost 25 lb (190 to 165), with no changes to diet, or exercise? Impressive result! Eat less, but eat whatever you want is the best way to lose weight. You can read more about it here -'s what I personally did in order to lose weight 2 years ago. 

    • Spasov
    • Spasov
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    Hello! Sharing this type of information is very valuable to the community. I have a theory that I call the microtumor theory of aging. I think that the new anti-tumor therapies are the way to the desired goal.

    • JGC
    • Retired Professor of Physics
    • JGC
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        Your information about Pevonedistat is very interesting, but the chemotherapy drug seems to be quite  inaccessible to us anti-aging self-experimenters.  I have a few questions.

        I gather that Pevonedistat is administered via a one-hour intravenous infusion sessions.  You mention a dosage of 48 mg.  Was that the amount you received 8 times, given every 3 weeks in one infusion session?  Have the sessions continued?  If not, have you noticed any falloff in your perception of the beneficial effects?

        It would be very interesting for you to have a Horvath-type DNA methylation age measurement done, to see if the drug might have produced any epigenetic reprogramming.

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    • JGC Agreed. It must have reversed his epigenetic methylation age. I cant think of anything else that would give you the system wide youth effects that you are experiencing.

      chad cooper , this post was from a year ago, any updates?

    • Spasov
    • Spasov
    • 2 yrs ago
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    The author mentions that there was another drug. I wonder what it was? Pevonedistat blocks DNA repair and I do not expect it to cause the effects described. 

  • Imo, this is fairly affordable at chem supply companies.  Making your own pills at home requires a milligram scale or at least mg scaled powder spoons.

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