Introduction to GDF-11

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to get the discussion about GDF-11 started with an intro and other basic information. 

GDF-11 stands for "growth/differentiation factor 11". Strangely enough, it has another name in the scientific literature: "bone morphogenetic protein 11", or "BMP-11. 

From my understanding, GDF-11 became an interesting candidate for age-reversal when it was shown by one research group in 2013 to reverse age-related cardiac hypertrophy (heart swelling) in mice.

This same group reported that GDF-11 declined during aging in mice, suggesting that the supplementation corrected this age-related decline. However, there has been considerable controversy over that in the past several years. For example, a different research group reported that in humans, GDF-11 did not decline with age. In fact, in their study reported in 2016, higher GDF-11 was associated with a greater likelihood of frailty or having diabetes

Still, GDF-11 supplementation hasn't been studied rigorously in humans, so we don't know what it will do to people. Steve Perry has created a consulting service focused on helping people supplement with GDF-11, and measure some biomarkers that may be affected by supplementation. GDF-11 supplementation is more complicated than many other supplements because it must be administered intravenously. Steve's consulting information can be found at

Has anyone contacted Steve Perry about GDF-11 supplementation, or otherwise tried it for themselves? 

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  • Hey Maximus! I haven't tried GDF-11 but I did contact Steve Perry a while back, wondering, specifically, whether he was going to be pursuing more formal trials. He said he is very much interested in doing so, but of course getting a trial up and running is a long and complicated process. I'll try to check back with him to see what the status is.

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  • I believe Steve said in a talk that the main benefit from GDF 11 is cardiac related, so I wonder whether it's worth pursuing based on your cardiovascular health which is easily controlled via other means (diet, exercise, etc). Steve has measured other improvements (cognitive, etc) but I haven't dug into that to see how significant the results are. 

    The peptide is cheap but Steve's consult service is a steep $7500 suggested donation. If you can't afford that I suspect it's possible to 'roll your own' based on public data. Otherwise I fully agree with Steve's testing methodology which I've adopted on a daily basis. 

    • DanMcL But I'm just a layperson!

  • I'm taking C-60 which I make myself.   I'd like a source for GDF-11.   Any ideas.   I just completed a course of Russian peptides for adrenals.   Seem to have more energy, but have to beware the placebo effect.   I have some stable angina from one spot that I've dealt with for a decade but wonder if GDF-11 might help me avoid a stint.  I'm 69.

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