dasatinib (Dasa-Pro)

'NOTICE: By the end of July IAS will be offering dasatinib (Dasa-Pro) in 12x 40mg double-scored tablets for $99.99 this will be uploaded to www.antiaging.clinic (password = research) when it is available and that all orders via that site will donate 15% to the Age Reversal charity.'

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  • This is great news!

    By the way, I have seen two certificates of analysis for the dasatinib that IAS is offering. Both COAs showed that it's excellent quality (contains the indicated amount, without impurities) and is manufactured in an EU country.


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  • Dasatinib - DasaPro - is now available from www.antiaging.clinic (password = research) at US $99.99 for 12 x 40mg double scored tablets.

    All orders via www.antiaging.clinic will donate 15% to the Age Reversal charity. Other products available from this site include RapaPro (rapamycin), MetPro (metformin), DepPro (deprenyl) and OxyPro (oxytocin). All of which contribute to the 15% donation to to the Age Reversal charity.

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      Is a prescription required ?

  • If outside of the EU no prescription will be required.

  • I just received my DasaPro  yesterday from IAS..... now just hoping they get the RapaPro back in stock , as that's a good product as well.

    • angie4life How did you pay for it? I ordered Dasa-Pro three weeks ago but still have not been given a way to pay them for it. I'm about to just go ahead and order Lucidius brand from Bonhoa.com

    • William Gilbert , hi William ,

      i first tried to order from the link in the forum , but like you , never got a response.  So I just went to the IAS website , searched the list of products , added it to my card , and then paid using my checking account (Check2Pay), and chose expedited shipping .  I’ve ordered many times from them this way (Metformin, Rapamycin, low dose natrexone , thyroid meds, etc ), and have received always excellent customer service . 

      Hope this helps !

    • angie4life Check2Pay didn't work for me and my bank wanted $70 for an international wire transfer, so I decided to order a larger amount from bonhoa.com instead.

    • William Gilbert Thanks for sharing bonhoa!  I haven't been able to pay antiaging.clinic, and I've tried a number of ways.  Also, they don't provide guidance on how to pay them.

    • Patrick McHargue The Lucidias brand of Dasatinib from bonhoa.com has been reported to be the real stuff. See the forum here: https://forum.age-reversal.net/t/80wal2/the-purity-of-lucidias-brand-dasatinib 

    • William Gilbert Thank you, sir. I have visited the Bonhoa website and placed an order.  Payment instructions are to follow (an empty stump in the woods maybe)

      We'll see what works.

    • William Gilbert pay by bitcoin works best.  i don't really want to give away bank details, etc.   bitcoin is somewhat anon, which i like

  • Received my Bonhoa order two days ago, paid for using Paypal. Tracking info showed that the package was in US Customs for eleven days including Labor Day Weekend. Customs had opened the package but the Lucidas Dasatinib box seal was left intact.

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