Blood test results after using senolytics?

After using any senolytics, has anyone's blood test results significantly changed—either improved or deteriorated? I'm especially interested in results for kidney and liver function after using fisetin.

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  • Hello,

    I am new to the forum and just like to say that I am also interested in this question. 

    In February I started the 'hit and miss' approach with a 1200mg Fisetin cap ( brand is Genogna) for three consecutive days. 

    Last December 2022 I started a number of changes to my life style and diet/nutrition. I am 62 yrs old and was 100kg. I bought a Inbody weight/fat/muscle mass machine and finished 33 years of vegetarianism. I now eat grass fed organic meat, intermittent fasting 20/4, Keto, gym. My weight is now 79Kg. Unfortunately, I have no gall bladder and have hypothyroidism.

    I did blood work in January and my T3/T4 TSH were all over the place. I think it was due to the enormous changes that my body was going through. I have reduced Thyroxin to 50cmg per day. Today I see my doctor with the results of the Thyroid Tests taken earlier this week. I am hoping that the numbers look better. 

    Before I continue with Fisetin (and NMN - my NAD level measured last week is 36.2uM) I have decided to run some tests to rule out any signs of cancers - gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sort my keratosis, prostate.  As I understand, antioxidants can potentially fuel cancer cells.


    I also have bump in my LDL 3 and am interested if anyone has had experience with Fisetin or any other senolytic that can improve and reduce senescent low density LDL. May be I should start a new topic for that (?).

    Wishing you well, Bob

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