Dasatinib testing -- Information about ordering testing for dasatinib and rapamycin, and other compounds

Information about ordering testing for purity and content of dasatinib and rapamycin, and other compounds, has been created.  

That info, and a lot more that's needed for their safe use, would make for a very long post.  So it’s all in the document in the link below.

There is one question about qualitative versus quantitative testing applicable to our purposes.  Perhaps you will investigate this further and get back to us.


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  • Why isn't fisetin mentioned as an alternative to D+Q?

    I also didn't see any mention of possible liver damage due to senolytics.

  • Johnny, 

    This is a very useful document; I appreciate that you put it together. 

    I saw your post about testing dasatinib with Echelon, but I had not seen a follow-up post. I'm not yet finished scanning your document, but it looks like you have received the results of this qualitative testing. 

    Many people are interested in testing these compounds from non-US manufacturers, and it appears you have made significant progress at accomplishing this. 

    I, too, tried to get rapamycin tested, but received a quote for quantitative analysis to be very expensive (as you reported of your own experiences in your document). 


    P.S. In your document, you have a note about MedLab supplying dasatinib and quercetin ("D + Q"). This suggests that you may not have heard that the proprietor of that pharmacy, Alan Zimmer, died in December 2019, and perhaps this part of your document should be removed. Or perhaps you knew this and contacted the pharmacy and confirmed they are indeed still filling prescriptions for D + Q. 

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