EpiAge test results

I thought I would try out one of the online services that claim to offer EpiGenetic age testing.

I picked this one


Which is this company

HKG Epitherapeutics - Hong Kong Unit 119, 1/F Biotech Centre 2, 11 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, NT, Hong Kong, HK,


(+852) 2354 8297


This is an area where I would really like to have the Horvath test, but as a second option I have picked one of the online tests.  I would not pick a test which required my chronological age and the above didn't.

It prices at USD199.

I don't remember precisely when I ordered the kit, but it arrived and I did the test and sent it off (which is spitting into a test tube) on 3rd December 2021.  I posted it to Hong Kong using a tracker.

I was mildy nervous that their app said they had received the package almost immediately when the tracker said it did not arrive until 12th December.   However, they emailed me overnight that the test was done on 30th December.   If they are queueing up tests I would not complain.  It implies they are doing well in terms of demand and 3 weeks is not the end of the world in terms of processing delay.

The resultant EpiAge is 56.21 my actual chronological age is  61.79 and they say this Epi Age correlates to an age of 52.24.

I don't think the correlation means anything it would depend in part on what age people say they are when they contact them and you are not required to submit an age. Sadly this is my first test result so I don't have anything to compare against.  I think I will try them out again probably at the half year although I am also interested in using any other online test that people recommend as being of some meaning.

I am also tracking a number of other things which are easy to measure such as high frequency hearing loss, grip strength etc.  However, it is all a bit erratic really as I have not got much in terms of a baseline.

In terms of visual changes I have publicly what is on my (and someone else's) twitter account





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  • same as https://epiagingusa.com/ in the US

    I've had two tests done by them now over the past year. Agrees with Levine calculations

    • Paul Beauchemin Having looked at this a bit further it appears that saliva based tests pick up primarily the epigenetic strucuture of white blood cells.  The question, of course, is what the epigenetic structure of other somatic cells is. However, it is a measurement that can be considered.

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