Add a category for local meetups

I have a local life-extension focused meetup I'd be glad to announce, and I'm sure others would like to connect in their areas as well.

Would you consider adding a Local Meetup category?

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  • This is a neat idea! I'll add a forum section for this. 

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  • Given the number of stated EU members (about 5 ?), we could have a Local Meetup in the middle of Europe somewhere. Some "Longecity" members used to meet somewhere in the Netherlands many years ago, now I don't see their meetings listed. In Longecity I was advised to create my local chapter. The Facebook page of the Age Reversal Network does not offer groups, contacts, or ways to know what they care about as far as I can see. I never created a group on FB, I don't know if it ends up on the wanted page after one has created it. Local exercise or plant growing and cooking groups may be the closest one can get to doing healthy activities together with other people around here. Instead there is a fair bit of Co-housing and eco-villages happening. Excellent, one has to start with other priorities though. Hard to put it all together fast enough in such contexts I feel, but they are certainly contexts where contact and motivation could have a powerful health effect.

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    • Flavio Ferlitz 



      We can start right away with a EU group here on the Forum.

      Before local meetup we can see if there are enough members here that are interested in sharing  EU related issues as well as sharing thoughts and experiences about age reversal. I am working full time so a meet up will take some planning.  


      In Sweden it is very conservative when it comes to rejuvenating interventions. No Dr here will prescribe dasatinib or metformin unless its is for the diseases they are aimed for. And those diseases also has to be properly diagnosed. 


      My first issue to handle is to get dasatinib. Some say that Drs ans pharmacies in eastern europe are more progressive. I would like to hear more about that from fellow "EU members". (Even some pharmacy in India don't want to send dasatinib to Sweden. They said it probably  wouldn't go through custom clearance.)


      We see what will happen. 

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