Regulation of the one carbon folate cycle as a shared metabolic signature of longevity

"Regulation of the one carbon folate cycle as a shared metabolic signature of longevity"


I heard a fascinating talk today. It was Adam Antebe, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Germany who was talking about "Convergent mechanisms of longevity" and how fascinating he was.


There seem's to be quite a few longevity mechanism converging around the folate cycle metabolism and methionine  restriction is one factor that might support longevity. 

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  • Thanks for posting. That looks like the basis to significant future advances.

    • Jack Black Yesterday I attended AARD virtually. ARDD 2021 ( thats where I heard Adam Antebe. 

      I think that they will post the 2021 presentations for future online viewing. (i have seen a few presentations of the 2020 session, so I hope they will make this years presentations public as well).  


      It was fascinating to hear about the convergance of several mechanisms of longevity. Converging around the folic acid cycle. it definitely looks like they have uncovered something that will attract much more research hoping to find meaningful interventions for longevity. 

    • Jack Black  The video from Adan Antebi's presentation at the AARD meeting is public now. 


      Adam Antebi presents at ARDD 2021 - YouTube

    • Staffan Olsson And there is an upcoming webinar this thursday 11th Nov. Brian Kennedy and Andrea Maier will have a discussion with Dr Adam Antebi.


      (PS They will host Dr Kirkland dec 9th)

    • Staffan Olsson  I post a link to the talk. 

      This of course early cutting-edge research and the translation to humans are a bit in the future. But the talk puts a light on an approach that can be very fruitful.


      I found it a truly fascinating  talk and a good Q and A. There are quite few connections between the folate/methionine cycle and what we focus on today - Like increased NMN, increased alfa keto Glutorate, Methionine restriction and the possible use of low dose methotrexate to increase lifespan to health span, and  reflect uopn the fact that high doses of 5-metyltetrahydrofolat might be detrimental. 


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