Rapamycin dosage at age 34

Hello I’m34 and discovered the benefits of rapamycin through news articles. I work out 3x a week do keto and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite this and probably due to unlucky genetics in have gout and high triglycerides. I want to try rapa but I cannot figure out what dosage to start with? 

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  • In a year's time or so you might have your rapa-dosage answer. The first large-scale placebo-controlled clinical trial to determine the effects of Rapamycin on human longevity is about to start. 

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    • Ed Whilst the PEARL trial is great - and it'll help a lot - it probably won't answer this specific question.

      1. Participants will be between 50-85 years old.
      2. They're only doing 2 dosage arms now - 5mg & 10mg  per week

      IMO one of the key things for 20/30/40 year olds (both male and female) will be the impact (or lack of) on fertility. Which I don't think PEARL will adeptly capture.

      Also, from my reading around, there seems to be quite a lot of variability in dose tolerance.

      So in the end, I expect there to be a degree of n=1 testing, within some guideline parameters. Ie - x mg per week = high, y mg per week = low, find what suits you within that range.

      Personally I've started low (1 mg per week initially), and am gradually increasing it. When I get side effects, I'll pause on increasing the dosage (assuming the sides are mild). Then if they resolve, potentially increase higher later.

      If the sides are high, then I'll back off the dose and go lower.

      That's just me though.

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    • rapa_experimenter I'm signed up with the PEARL study, moving through process now.  Of course, maybe I'll be in the placebo group.  We'll see how it goes.  For science!

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    • Dorian Gray That's exciting! As I understand it, their reduction in trial arms means a greater probability of not being in the placebo group - which is good :)

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  • I don't think the Rapamycin dosage depends on age, but it probably does depend on body weight.  My wife and I, both weighing around 70 kg, take 3 mg every Sunday.  Some take a larger dose, but there are side effects from taking too much too often.

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  • I'm a similar age, and am personally planning to start at 1mg per week, and gradually work upwards.

    Possibly a few weeks at 1mg... then move to 2mg etc.

    I don't feel rushed to jump straight to a higher dose.

    I remember reading that Peter Attia was doing something like 7 weeks on, 5 off. Would be curious the rationale, but perhaps taking some breaks (especially whilst young) won't hurt.

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