Gingernone A is a Better-than-D+Q Senolytic

    A post in discusses a recent paper published last month in PLoS One in which the polyphenol Gingernone A, a strong component of  Ginger Root Extract, when applied in sufficient concentration to senescent human fibroblasts (skin cells), acts as a somewhat better senolytic than D+Q.  This is very interesting because Ginger Root Extract is cheap.  Swanson sells 60 x 200 mg capsules for $5.84, whereas Bristol-Meyers-Squibb charges around $1,000 for one senolytic-size dose of Dasatinib.

    Like Fisetin and Quercetin, Gingernone A is not very water-soluble, about 3.6 mg/liter, so It's probably necessary to take a lot to get some into the bloodstream, and taking Bioperine at the same time should help.

    I just ordered some Ginger Root Extract from Swanson and plan to use about 2 g/day of it (10 caps) along with Fisetin and D+Q in our next senolytic burst-dose session in a couple of months.

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  • This is very interesting.  Keep us posted on this.  My experience with ginger juice pressed out of raw ginger is that my stomach did not like it.  Hopefully the extract will be more tolerable.  

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  • My current experiment drives me to the conclusion that it is possible to get stem cells that have gone senescent to properly differentiate and that is a much better solution that killing them off (some way or other).

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      John Hemming 

          I disagree.  It's like trying to repurpose the garbage in your house instead of getting rid of it.  Cells go senescent because they are damaged in some way and can't perform their intended function.  If damaged cells divide, you just get more damaged cells.  In several experiments with mice, clearing ALL of their senescent cells produced no observable ill effects and caused increased health-span and lifetime.

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    • JGC  when this experiment ends in a few months or less i intend to share the results. At that point i may be able to persuade you of this thesis.

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      JGC one man’s trash is another man’s treasure or so they say.

  •     I should add that in Figure 1 of the paper describing the identification of Gingerenone A (note spelling, which was incorrect above) as a senolytic, the authors tried two concentration levels, 1 part in 500 and 1 part in 200.  They found that the weaker 1:500 concentration showed no senolytic effect, while the 1:200 concentration show a senolytic effect stronger than that of D+Q.  There is apparently a threshold before there is any senescent cell clearance.  The moral is that in burst dosing one should aim high and that small daily doses at small concentrations are unlikely to do much.

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  • I went to my local sushi spot and ate about half a fist full of ginger, which would have been more than 10 caps.  Chewed very well.  Next time I'll add pepper.  No noticeable effects.  Dipped in soy sauce and had it was sushi and It was good.

  • I buy ginger in quantity (sushi ginger) and eat a bit quite frequently.  I am doing very well with my current cellular health protocol, but I don't think the main issue is the ginger.

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