What are your thoughts on NAD+ restoration? Answer to aging or oversimplifying a more complex problem? Promising idea or a scam?


As the subject entails, what are your general thoughts on the idea that aging can be halted or reversed simply by restoring NAD+ in the body to a more youthful state, through the implementation of various compounds which presumably "fix" the NAD+ system? I am not arguing that this can or can't be done, all I am asking is IF it were totally possibly right now to completely fix the NAD+ production system within a cell, so that an older person can have the NAD+ levels of a 20 year old, would the body actually reverse the aging process?

There is indeed some fascinating science behind this and there are some super smart people like Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Nichola Conlon, who would argue such a scenario but the question is, is this oversimplifying a more complex problem? 

So perhaps the question should be phrased another way: Lets just suppose for a moment that you could successfully restore NAD+ levels in the body of an older person to that of a much younger person and keep it there indefinitely. Would this be the answer to reverse aging?    

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  • I have been taking Rapa since 3/2017, and senolytic treatment for last 2 years.  76 yo, 62 yo epigentic age per Levin test.  Been searching for what I have been missing for last 15 years.  More energy and shorter recovery time. ( drop off is dramatic past 65)  Have tried many NAD+ treatments without success.  NR/NMN/B3,  do not work and I will explain.  At the beginning the dosing was too small and nothing could get pass gut and liver into bloodstream.  So bought B3 powder and Riboside.  Would mix 50/50 and tried 1-2 grams daily.  No increase in energy.  Tried Niacin also, no luck.  Then read a very good paper recommended by Dr Attia where it proved that NAD precussors do not get into cell where NAD is made. (Radioactive dye used to track)   Bloodstream does no good.  Dr. Attia does not recommend NAD precussors..  Sinclair is nothing more than hustler to make money.. He has no credibility with scientific community.  Will continue to experiment with any credible new therapy.  Have spent 1,000's with no success.  Show me evidence that therapy will get into cell and I will try.  Only thing I see is "Blood Dilution" therapy to dilute the old factors in our blood that interfers with new NAD creation in the cell.   ( Conroy at Berkley)

  • I doubt that it’s more than a small part of the aging process.  And before I believe that supplements help, I’d like to see evidence that nad increases inside mitochondria.

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