Rapamycin and muscle mass

I often hear rapamycin touted as a way of preserving muscle mass but mTOR is vital for muscle hypertrophy? Can anyone explain this apparent contradiction? Does anyone have objective data on (for example) peak power during a course of treatment?

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  • Chronic mTORC1 activation in old muscle, leads to muscle atrophy mainly due to inability to induce autophagy.
    Moreover, the hyperphosphorylation of mTOR might lead to resistance to anabolic stimuli in aged muscle.

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  • You may find this discussion on rapamycin and muscle growth / inhibition of interest:


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  • Seems to me the benefits of metformin far outweigh negatives found in of course,  predominantly diabetic patient studies. Hardly the best testing environment.

    Unless you are a bodybuilder during a cut, pre-contest, examining options, the net negative effect an older person that does just a tiny amount of exercise to begin, is likely negligible and off-set by its benefits. 

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      Michael Here's the other thing I'll say, if muscle is an issue in the context of the elderly.  OKAY... I'm going to fudge the argument a bit. How about it's best friend: bone health?

      This article discusses Osteoporosis.

      "Age-related testosterone deficiency is the most important factor of bone loss in elderly men"


      Exogenous testosterone enhances both muscle and bone health and as a very active, physically fit person, the muscle gains from even a trt amount of testosterone are noteworthy. 

      Just make sure you get legit testosterone.

      There's many trt clinics that provide exogenous testosterone that simply aren't worth the drive. I did this very thing for three months - while getting blood work. The trt clinics test was bunk.

      You can source legit, pharmaceutical grade testosterone from a multitude of places without a prescription.

      I wouldn't bother with GH unless you are very active and exercise a lot. Still, very limiting roi when compared to test.

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