Berberine and Melatonin - can this reverse aging of cells?

I am using an unusual mix of Melatonin (taken in the middle of the night,early morning really) and Berberine.  This video explains the reasons why this has the potential to demethylate the epigenome and reduce inflammation.

Although it is only an n=1 project at the moment I think it has potential for others.

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  • I have hunted up some of the papers on Melatonin demethylating the epigenome.  Few are in humans, some are in plants.   However, it is clear that Melatonin can do this.  

    It also fits with the TRIIM and TRIIM-X trials.   Melatonin generates HGH and DHEAS (see the video for more).

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  • Interesting idea.  I haven't been following the TRIIM trials recently but if Dr. Fahy is able to prove that someone's thymus has regenerated, it would be revolutionary.  I think he is looking at chemical markers instead of CAT scans, and doesn't expect the thymus to change in size as a result of the treatment.  I'm skeptical of "epigenetic clocks" and would need to see, first of all, that the changes in markers remain after the treatment has stopped.  This could indicate a regenerated thymus, rather than an effect of the metformin DHEA etc. on the markers. When interviewed on Modern Healthspan Dr. Fahy said they would not remain in contact with the study participants after it ends, but this is key to understanding anything they claim to measure.

    I'm taking berberine every four days, on rest days from exercise.  I am also using time restricted eating and taking NMN.  It wouldn't be a big change for me to add melatonin on the berberine days.  But I will need to see a little more evidence before doing anything that would alter the hormones in my body.

  • I am now trying to add a bit of upregulation of HIF-1α using HBOT.  That is interesting because of its ability to mobilise stem cells and hopefully get around the hayflick limit.

  • I have done another associated video about sleep as well.

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