I don't know why this great supplement is not talked about: alpha-ketoglutarate

I would like us to share opinions about the alpha-ketoglutarate supplement, its difference with calcium alpha-ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG), what would be the dosage, if someone has experience, it will be one of the supplements that we will take in the future or so I think , the sooner we start the better. It can be taken as a sports supplement together with arginine. That we develop this novelty, that we start in self-experimentation since everything is not rapamycin, dasatinib and fisetin. We can now add another supplement.

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  • I took Ca-AKG for 3 months and I didn't notice anything. Also with Ca-AKG you have to take it every 4 hours. 

  • Sometimes hard to tease these apart but I felt improved exercise performance after taking AKG for 3 days. Effects wore off after 5 days without the supplement and back after 3 days again the second time. I am taking one tablet perhaps 4 days a week.

  • Started Rejuvant (Extended release CA-AKG) on Sunday. Took 1 pill a day in the mornings (might be 500mg). Had the best workout I've had in the last year or so yesterday (after 3 days of continuous use). 1.5x as long and more intense cardio. Very promising.

    • Gokhan I was tempted until I saw the price. Eye watering! Normal AKG is cheap as chips!

  • I was given a very good price on Ca-AKG powder from Xi'an Biohorlden Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd.  After a convincing correspondence with their rep and having received a thorough and impressive COA on their stationery showing high purity, I was ready to buy a kg for $120 plus shipping.  

    Fortunately, I decided to take one final closer look at the COA. Although the CAS number was correct for Ca-AKG, the chemical formula and molecular weight were wrong. They were for Calcium Acetate Lactate! The Certificate had obviously been partially altered.

    Worse than losing some money on a useless product is that I would have lost the years of benefit I would have obtained from AKG.

  • Different sports supplements are individually suitable for each person. Of course, you need to use only high-quality ones without harm to health. I have been using gainers from https://reaperlabz.net/product/ibutamoren-mk-677/ for a long time. In the case of Ca-AKG, you can accelerate the growth of muscle mass and significantly shorten the recovery period. Also, increase the natural production of growth hormone which directly affects the set of muscle mass and reduction of body fat. However, I have liver problems, so I use regular food instead. That hormone can be obtained from nuts, chicken meat, milk, and crabs.

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