17a-Estradiol - Great Anti-aging, but Will It Ever Become a Product

17a-Estradiol has been one of the top performers in the NIH ITP anti-aging drug studies, But - its never been tested.  I'm wondering if there will ever be the human clinical studies done if (since it seems to be a public domain molecule) there is no patent protection for the company investing in the clinical studies... my question is how can this hormone get the financial support for the studies it needs?

"median lifespan increased 19% in male mice, calculated from data pooled from the three sites (P < 0.001). The effects of 17aE2 were significant at all three sites, at P < 0.003, with increases in median survival of 26%, 9%, and 23% at TJL, UM, and UT (Fig. S1, Supporting information). The age at which 90% of the mice had died increased on average by 12% (21%, 8%, and 8% at the three sites; Table S1, Supporting information), and the difference in survival at the 90th percentile was significantly increased"


but it seems to be an unpatented molecules and generally available.  

17α-Estradiol Alleviates Age-related Metabolic and Inflammatory Dysfunction in Male Mice Without Inducing Feminization


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  • Thought this variation of estradiol was not being made - available from where?

    • Paul Beauchemin Its available all over the internet... just search on 


      CAS: 57-91-0




      But - not in clinical quantities/pricing... and the bigger issue is how long it will take to get clinical trial funding to see if its safe in people longer term... I suspect people will just start taking it, but there is a serious lack of clinical data...

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  • Has anyone in the meantime experimented with this?

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    • Ludovic Debels hard to get unless you work in a lab

    • Paul Beauchemin True, no reliable source in India or China at first sight. And even for someone like me who works in a lab, hard to source because it's a steroid. I can get it from a pharmacy with a doctor's prescription because it is used for a topical anti hairloss lotion 

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  • I'm very interested in this drug. I have been taking rapamycin for the past 18 months. This seems just as promising and it looks like a possible treatment for Alzheimer's. Im high risk with the gene.  I will be first in line to try this as soon as they know the therapeutic dosage in humans and have a drug that is available for prescription other than a topical cream for hair loss. 

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  • Pomegranate oil 500 mg contains 10 ug of 17a estradiol

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  • Thanks eve, good to know.  That is a minuscule amount unfortunately. My next question is what is the effective dose for a human? Because the study done in mice shows no improvement under the effective dose. The effective dose for a 19 percent increase in life expectancy was 14.4 mg/kg diet.  The mice that had 4.8 mg/kg had no increase. So getting the effective dose is key.  I'm really hoping this gets compounded into higher doses in the near future. 

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  • I have answered my own question.  Using a table to convert animal doses we get the km factor.  

    km factor mouse = 3

    km factor human = 37 (for 60kg human)

    We use the formula below:

       14.4 x 3/37 = 1.17mg/kg 

    So I would believe a human weighing 60kg would need 70mg per day. 

    Let me know if you find anything wrong with this calculation.

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  • So we need 70,000 ug to get out 70mg/kg daily dose.   We would need 3 million 500 thousand mg of Pomegranate oil. Or 3,500 grams of oil. 

  • This seems like a bad idea to me. There are tons of studies on the negative effects of unopposed estrogen

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