Deprenyl (Selegiline) as a Longevity Drug?

    Prompted by UW Professor Matt Kaeberlein's participation in a panel discussion on ARDD 2022 this morning, I listened to the audio of Kaeberlein's long podcast interview with Tim Ferriss.  In a brief part of their discussion, they mentioned a possible longevity drug called Deprenyl. They said that it had once seemed promising but recently had dropped out of sight.  Apparently it is approved for veterinarian use for dogs that are showing signs of dementia (and is sold at a high price for dogs on Amazon), but is prescription only for humans to treat Parkinson's disease and as an antidepressant.  I had never heard of this drug before, but I found that one can buy 30 x 5 mg tablets from AllDayChemists for $10.00 + shipping, and there is a 1993 book by Alastair Dow promoting it as an antiaging drug.

    Does anyone have experience with self-experiments using Deprenyl or know anything about it?  It sounds interesting and a bit scary.

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