Greetings from Bangkok.

Bangkok is a hub of medical tourism.
Some hospitals and clinics here have international customer service in multiple languages to make it easy for foreigners to visit.
There are a variety of clinics devoted to any-aging procedures, including very new procedures that may not be "government approved" in other countries. 
I'm not a medical worker so I can't recommend specific places, but if you are planning to come to Bangkok, I may be able to advise on the general logistics of getting around.

Buying medicines and related chemicals is surprisingly easy in Bangkok. 
Many products that are restricted in other countries, are available here over-the-counter, both the original brands and knock-offs/generics (which are usually made in India.) 
The best places to look are the pharmacies that cluster around the largest hospitals in Bangkok. 
Because of the different language, the easiest way to find what you want, is to bring a sample package or a picture of the product (on your mobile phone).
All pharmacists here are required to be able to read English.

Chemicals are easily available, too. 
For example I make Lugol's Solution of Iodine. 
There is no problem buying the components. 
Similar for DMSO, MMS, medical oxygen, and similar "home remedies". 
No doctor prescription needed, no questions asked, and no ID required.

But I advise against trying to take large quantities of anything out of the country.
Customs inspectors here are very sharp. 
What may be a common pharmaceutical product when you buy it, may suddenly become a "drug" when you try to exit the country with a lot of it in a suitcase.

As far as I know, there is no group meeting here about anti-aging or "be your own doctor".
I wish there was such a group: It would be helpful to exchange experiences about various treatments, doctors, sources for supplies. 
In the meantime I'm willing to be an informal coordinator for those interested in these topics in context of Bangkok.

Above I've referred to Bangkok, rather than Thailand. 
Almost all of the medical and anti-aging activities are, indeed, in Bangkok. 
There are a few clinics and spas scattered about in other places, primarily on the resort islands. 
Some of those may be very good, I just don't know. 
And for a "resort experience", well, anywhere BUT Bangkok. 
However, for quality and selection (in any realm not just medical and anti-aging), you'll need to be in Bangkok.

Your questions are welcome.
If general questions about traveling to Bangkok for age-reversal procedures, I’ll do my best to answer here.
If you have other questions about Thailand not related to the forum topic of age-reversal, you’re welcome to send me a private message.

- Mike

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