Help: Drastic (negative) result on myDNAge test

Hi I’m a long time reader and first time poster.  Advice needed please. - just posted this on the self-experiments board then noticed it would be better here.


I just received my results from myDNAge which shows my biological age as 69 when my chrono age is 47.  I’m a fit, slim, non-smoker and a high performing executive.  However I have suffered from immune issues all my life from allergies pollen+food, high ANA count and possible mast cell disorder.  All my blood work is usually fine.  The most recent one showed mild eGfr which my dr put down to dehydration and asked me to retest in a few months (I’m going tomorrow) 


I have been taking weekly Rapamycin as a patient of Dr Green since January this year and I have done intermittent D&Q over the past 2 years. 


I’m freaking out a bit here and can only assume that the test was faulty or I have something very very wrong with me.


Any advice or speculation on what could be going on here would be welcome.

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  • Just one datum but Dr. Peter Attia speaks pretty poorly about “age” tests on his podcast. In fact says one of the most important things that can be done for anti aging is research on developing important validated biomarkers for aging.

    That’s just a single opinion but honestly doesn’t seem we’re at a time we’re these tests are anything but gimmicks.

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  • i was not impressed with MydNAage.

    First, they ask for chronological age

    Second they told me several weeks to get results. After two months I contacted them and they said they lost my original sample. Then a day later they emailed me back and said they could do a test on some fragment of a sample and did it in 24 hours. Came back my chronological age.

    I've since used several other tests and all were much lower in age

  • I took the MyDNAge test in February of this year and it reported that I am 8 years older biologically than I am chronologically.

    I took the Index test by Elysium at the same time, and it reported I was 5 years YOUNGER - so a 13 year difference between the two tests.  

    I have no idea which one is more 'correct', but it makes me wonder how valuable any of these tests really are.  That said, I will retest both at the one year mark and look for changes.

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    • James that is interesting.  I also wondered if there might be a difference between the blood and saliva testing.  Anyway I'm booked in a couple of weeks with a regenerative medicine dr and I'll see what he has to say.

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