HGLA and GLA as Senolytics

    In an interview posted online by Tufts Now, Dr. Christopher Wiley of Tufts University describes his discovery that dihomo-gamma-linoleic acid (DGLA) is a powerful senolytic.  He says: "I identified a candidate compound using the DGLA metabolic pathway that works at a dose that is over 1,000 times lower than fisetin, so you can imagine we’re quite excited by these results."

    That's indeed a very interesting result.  Probably, it reflects the low bio-availability of Fisetin due to its low solubility in water and its breakup by the digestive system when taken orally.  For senolytics, one needs to take 2-3 grams of Fisetin.  The implication of Wiley's remarks is that DGLA does the same job with a dose of a few milligrams.

    So where to we get a DGLA supplement that we can take instead of (or together with) Fisetin?  An Internet search turns up no commercially available supplements that claim to directly contain DGLA.  However, Life Extension's Mega GLA has the following description:

     "Borage oil supplements are an excellent way to obtain GLA.  GLA is the precursor to the biologically active dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA), which may provide optimal health benefits.  And our Mega GLA supplement provides 400 mg of concentrated GLA from borage oil per softgel.

     "We’ve added 10 mg of sesame lignan extract to each softgel to help promote healthy levels of beneficial DGLA. Sesame lignans help inhibit the conversion of GLA into inflammatory arachidonic acid.8 This, in turn, inhibits the formation of other inflammatory compounds like PGE2 and LTB4".

    My family is currently taking one 400 mg cap of Life Extension's Mega GLA with our evening meal.  However, the current wisdom on senolytics is that one should do senolytic doses in 2-3 day bursts that are repeated in a month or so, rather than taking a smaller dose every day.  Now I'm wondering if we should halt the daily GLA and combine it with BioPerine, Dasatinib, and Fisetin when we do our bi-monthly senolytics?

    Any opinions or insights?

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  • Thats a good question. My reasoning is that I dont want to go very far above what I believe has been shown to be safe when it comes to dosage and frequency of senolytic protocols. While it may indeed be beneficial to combine the DGLA bursts with  DF&Q bursts, it also could  have a cumulative effect on some pathways that arent understood in a way that is harmful. For that reason I have decided for now to alternate bi-weekly  2-day DGLA bursts with my bi-weekly 2-day DF&Q bursts. 

  • How much is your 2-day DGLA bursts?

    • linda Here is my current bi-weekly DGLA dosage and frequency:  Taken every other Wednesday and Thursday as 1000mg borage oil (yielding 200mg GLA), plus 500mg krill oil along with daily supplements (which includes 600mg EPA-DHA fish oil and 5mg bioperine). (Effective dose of DGLA ~ 800mg via bioperine).

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