MedLab Compounded Dasatinib/Rapamycin/NAD/hormones

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You need to get a prescription from your physician (hint, see if you can find a practitioner in this area who does telemedicine)  

Shipping available to the following states 

  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • Massachusetts
  • New York 
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois (new!)
  • New Jersey (new!)
  • Other states being worked on

If you are from another state PM me 


MedLab supplies NAD, Rapamycin, Dasatinib, etc so can fulfill all your prescriptions.  


Individually dosed dasatinib-quercetin capsules for only $225. This represents a one-year supply for most people. You need a prescription.  


Dr. Alan C. Zimmer, PharmD, RPh.

"Worlds Original Anti-Aging Pharmacist" 

MedLab Pharmacy, Inc. 

Street Address:
7300 West McNab Road, Ste 112
Tamarac, FL 33321

Telephone / Fax / Email

Toll-Free: 800-556-1462 

Local: 954-400-0560 

Cell: 561-558-7386 

Fax: 954-606-5260 


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  • Just received my unsolicited (I got the script, working with my MD and paid in full) Dasa/Quercetin senolytic, and NAD+ treatment from MedLab.

    • The NAD is on the right and is enough for two boxes of patches, with a program of 1 patch/week I believe (10 weeks)
    • The Dasatinib is the two pills in the middle (2 weeks, 1/week)
    • The Quercetin is on the left (4 pills/week).
    • The Senolytic is on first two consecutive weeks

    The neat thing is the instructions are synergistic

    Take 1 capsule by mouth the two consecutive Mondays prior to patch

     for the Dasatinib instructions. So the program is two weeks of senolytics, then 10 weeks of NAD+ patch for a three month program total. Then in another three months do it again, for twice yearly. Or once/year is probably fine too. 

    Hm, since I do a week long fast twice a year in July and December, perhaps I should do this program at the halfway mark. I'll do this starting next Monday (I assume it could be done any day but Monday just so people don't forget), but I'll update the forum with the results. 

    Attached is what I received in cold pack, apologies for the redactions to hide any personal information. It also contained two boxes of standard Ionto Extra Strength electrophoresis patches. Otherwise this is a very affordable and reputable source from what I'm seeing. 

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  • btw attached I got the following literature from MedLab on the anti-aging protocols available, dosing and such. 

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  • Did first course this morning of senolytics. Empty stomach, no metformin for breakfast and didn't exercise in the morning as usual (no particular concern just thought to avoid possible interactions). Didn't notice any side effects, other than feeling generally off late afternoon, which could be a change in the weather, how I slept last night or some other reason. Or it could be related to the 'mild flu like symptoms' people sometimes get with this. The 'off feeling' was one of being rather sleep/tired. 

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