Christine's Self experiment

I'm going to test a combination of Rapamycin, Q+T, Metformin and Nicotinamide Riboside. I'm a 38 year old woman and this is what I gather to be a full set of supplements for the 35-55 age group. I will be starting with Rapa 1mg/once monthly and Quercetin 74mg/week+Theaflavins 275mg/week, testing after 3 months and then adding the Metformin 1000mg and the NR 100mg . Doses are low as I feel no need to take big risks at my age.

I'd like to see with Rapa does without Met, and then see what combining them does. However, if my glucose levels go up in the mean time, I will add Metformin earlier. I will start NR in the second quarter to allow Q+T to do its job first.

For my testing, I do a general check up with an additional test for insulin and CRP. This gives me the data to fill in the DNAPhenoage model so I can have an overall picture of my health and the effects of my attempts to prevent and reverse aging. I used to have insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia, so I am looking to proactively manage my insulin levels.

(The test did not include Red Cell Dist Width so I included a figure from 3 years ago; I have 2 glucose meters and they differ widely so I took the highest value)


Def. Input
Albumin 4.3
Creatinine 0.7
Glucose 95
C-reac Protein 0.9
Lympocyte 58
Mean Cell Volume 88
Red Cell Dist Width 12.4
Alkaline Phosphatase 33
White Blood Cells 9.2
Age 38
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  • I tried to post this a few months ago, I'm almost ready for the next test. What I am super happy about it my insulin is down to 8.3 from 20 in 2007. Looking at the diagnosis from back then, I was almost diabetic and an now almost average even without Metformin. IF and a low carb diet with HIT really help my metabolism. I feel less hunger and cravings and have much more energy most of the time. I do want to bring it down to 5 and hopefully 3.

    My CRP also came down to 0.9 from 5 in 2016. Another thing that really pleases me. This may have come with better metabolic health or the weight I lost so far. I also have a goal to lose more weight and see what happens to my bloodwork.

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