Dr Peter Attia on Rapamycin. Now 6 mg/week.


Peter Loves Him Some Rapamycin

  • Peter has said in the past: “For me, personally, nothing is more interesting than rapamycin”
  • Rapamycin is the only drug proven to extend lifespan in EVERY model organism, ranging from yeast to animals (although not yet in humans)
  • Peter takes ~6 mg of rapamycin once per week, although he’s only ever prescribed it to one patient; why this dose and frequency?
    • Based on data, Peter suspects this regimen inhibits mTOR complex 1 (mTORC1) without inhibiting mTORC 2 (Woah! We just got technical. To dig deeper, check out these Podcast Notes)
      • For a little more background, by suppressing mTORC1, you increase autophagy, the self-destructive process by which damaged cells are killed off
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  • He is 46 years old. 

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  • 6 mg is very high for someone only 46 yo.  Tor signal goes up with age.  I'm 73 yo and you can bet that my signal is a lot stronger than his.  At 46 his signal is quite low, that is why he has lots of energy, and can recover from exercise quickly.  I'm thinking that 10-12 mg might be appropriate for someone my age.  I will watch out for mouth sores which are the first signs of overdose and affecting Tor 2.

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