Tracking progress of my experiment

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try a self experiment to see if diet and exercise had an effect on my biological age. It has been a while and I wanted to check my progress, to give me some motivation to keep on going. However, I don't want to go to a lab. Is there anything  simple I can do to track my progress?

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  • I can recommend using the EpiAging USA DNA test kit, using DNA methylation, we provide a DNA test kit to reveal your biological age, that does not require any blood work! It is non-invasive, no lab work required!

    It's non-invasive, authentic, and affordable. 

    Many people have taken this test, and were very happy with the accurate and simple process in which they discovered their real biological age; which may reflect on longevity. Additionally, others have used this method to monitor the success of interventions taken.

    For more information you can visit:

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      • Dave A
      • Dave_A
      • 10 days ago
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      Tomas Park 

      Thank you all for your suggestion!

      Wow. In particular, I really like the fact that the EpiAging USA DNA test kit is non-invasive. (I can take this simple test in the comfort of my home without going to a lab for blood work!). 

  • My thought is your mirror and sense of physical and mental well being are far more indicative of anything ... meaningful. Horvath seems bright but that could be absolute nonsense and you'll be the last person to know.

    • Michael those attributes are mostly influenced by the placebo effect. Not useful for a scientific mind

      • Michael
      • Michael.1
      • 10 days ago
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      Paul Beauchemin The mirror (a photograph) is the least fudged control I can envision. Physical and mental sensations should be given far more weight in this entire conversation. If my Horvath clock drops 50 years but I feel like hell, have no energy and am forgetful, that's indicative of a useless paradigm, practically speaking. 

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