Life is an experiment

I've been working on "me" for years and lately I've started to look beyond diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep etc. Until now I've only been supplementing with creatine, fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM & vitamin D. I'm 58 years old.


I've been exercising for decades, usually anchoring it with road cycling. Now that I'm retired I've settled on what works for me. It changes winter to summer (in Canada the winter drives you indoors). So lately I do HIIT on a Versaclimber M/W/F and weightlifting T/T/S/S. I average about 45 minutes a day and regardless of which day it is, I am doing it with high intensity. Today for example, I did a leg workout with weights & averaged a 161 heart rate. In the summer I cycle, kayak and do weight training. I also find time to play pickleball, curling & bowling throughout the week.


My diet has fluctuated but I find that a low carb, high protein diet works the best for me. I don't think that Keto would work for me as I enjoy veggies too much, live in BC and eat a ton of fresh fruit in the summer and want a diet that will work for me for life. I don't see Keto giving me the energy nor the protein that I need for my workouts. I don't fast but I try not to eat anything from 5pm until 6am each day.


The supplements that I'm currently taking are:



L-Carnitine tartrate 


Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM

Resveratrol, Quercetin

Fisetin ( have not yet taken this)

D3, K2


Nicotinamide Riboside


Curcurmin, Piperine

PQQ, CoQ10



I take no prescription meds, I have no aches, pains or medical problems. So it can be tricky to evaluate the efficacy of these supplements as I don't suffer from energy issues or any medical maladies. But in the past month I have noticed that I am achieving personal bests in many of my workouts. Repeated bests. For instance, in my leg workout described above my best time to complete it used to be 45 minutes. Since supplementing as above I had a new best of 40 minutes, then 35 minutes last week & just over 30 minutes today. I was just killing it, had amazing recovery time between the sets. It was killing me but I had the will to continue. In the past I've paused to let my heart rate drop into the 130s whereas today it rarely dropped below 150bpm. Similarly my 30 minute Versaclimber attacks have yielded 10% more feet climbed than previous bests. 


So I'm very happy with these supplements. I also find my sleep is deeper and I don't have muscle pain (lower back) in the morning to the extent that I used to. I've never had trouble sleeping but I'm a side sleeper and I was starting to suffer from lower back & shoulder pain by morning, so I'm glad that that's lessened.


I'm open to suggestions and willing to answer any questions.



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  • So, speaking of killing it... since the above post I've improved on my 30 minute single session Versaclimber workout, from a best of 4,777 feet to 5,042 feet to 5,309 feet last Friday. My HIIT workout of ten 3 minute intervals has improved as well, hitting two new records of more feet climbed in a shorter timeframe, increasing my best distance by 7% while doing it in 5% shorter time. 


    You might think that this is just normal progress but prior to adding the supplements above I was hitting a wall where my results had flattened out and I was not able to improve on  previous bests. Alternatively, if this is a placebo effect it's lasting quite awhile & is moving in leaps and bounds. I assume that I'll level out again but so far I continue to see pretty big jumps in performance.

  • If you are improving and feeling great, then maybe even if it's only a placebo effect, it's worth it! I am interested to know if you have tried to add any high dose fisetin rounds? I have taken/still take many of the supplements you take, and adding 2 days of high dose fisetin each month actually made me rethink many of the other supplements in my program.

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