Deciding on the next step

There seems to be an abundance of possible treatments for aging available at the moment. The list on pages 19 & 20 of this document provide a glimpse of the possibilities

depending where you look, different groups seem to be biased to certain paths.

I joined a FB GDF11 group and they are gung-ho on that treatment while putting down treatments like metformin, rapamycin and senolytics. I don't think you can do senolytics too often. Rapamycin may also having a senolytic effect


I've already seen good results with rapamycin and one D&Q treatment. Is that good enough? What's next?

I've got an old dog (14.5 years) I've had on Rapamycin for 2 months. Not sure it's doing much. Would GDF11 be useful?

The Rejuvant claims look interesting. They include a DNA test measurement kit with the first and 6th month supply to prove aging is reversed. That is a pretty strong belief in their product.

There are a lot of competing theories and I feel like a pioneer with no clear path to follow

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  • Good !! I am a little confused, I was going to start a senolytic therapy with D + Q + F. I was going to do it once a year or at most every 6 months, but in this article that has been put this:


    * SENOLYTICS WARNING -- Caution is advised re. excessive senolytics. Note: What’s excessive may be different between individuals Vince Giuliano advises senolytic signaling is critical for cell renewal – you need enough inflammation and senescence to signal for regeneration factors -- so if you go overboard in senolytics therapy it’s bad, you will miss out on cell renewal.

    More is often not better. Quote by Reason: All senolytics, so far, look like things you would take once every few years at most. More won't be any more effective than that one dose - it will kill the senescent cells it can kill the first time, and won't be helpful again until more senescent cells turn up in volume.

    Senescent cell researcher Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk PhD personally discourages us from having long treatments with senolytic drugs. In fact she suggests they should only be taken for short periods interspaced with longer recovery times.

    Stan Goldfarb has decades of applied nutritional supplement and aging intervention experience. He advises: I think even 2.5mg per KG is a higher than I want to take, especially when combining it with EMIQ (which in itself has no bad side effects till very high doses). I weigh 137 and am going to take 100mg once only. You should also be taking at least 10000iu of D3 to complete apoptosis and don't take any blood thinners such as aspirin or omega supplements as it has been proven to go after fat cells for several days before and after. Without doing all of this a person is simply taking an unnecessary risk. When I did my first test of this in 2015, there were some really sharp people to say exactly what to do and when. I don't see that now with the current crop of people and it concerns me. People have died from overdosing this drug! I also remember that several people who did take multiple doses experienced minor problems after the second dose (especially flu like syptoms but not after the first. One group is saying take what you're doing twice one week apart. This is potentially risky. The effect Dasatinib has lasts longer than many people seem to think and that is why I think a second dose just one week later makes no sense.

    James Kirkland MD PhD recommends not evaluating senolytics on our own at this early stage.

    Senolytics resource:

    Similar cautions apply to other therapies. There’s a lot we don’t know about this new frontier. 

    I have found some overlap, as well as variation in nutritional supplement programs.


    After reading this, I feel very confused ...
    I was going to do Dr. Alan Green's protocol of:

    Dasatinib 100 mg dose for 3 days.
    Quercetin 1000 mg for 3 days
    Fisetin 1500 mg for 3 days.
    But dr. Alan Green says that dasatinib is kept in the body for a maximum of 3 hours and here it is commented that it can remain for a long time.
    And what else if it does more harm than good?
    what do you recommend??

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    To list:

    - Metformin (especially if you have any of the following: obesity, elevated blood sugar, high insulin, bowel issues like inflammation or polyps)

    - Celery Juice/Uber Greens (Suja) (Gentle NAD+ booster, contains apigenin which is anti-cancer and inhibits CD38, increases NAD+) Useful if you need more energy. 

    - ACE Inhibitors or ARBs (if you have high or elevated blood pressure; extends life with mice). 

    - Get a DNA test. Check your methylation status. Start supplementing with methyl folate and/or other B vitamins if your methylation is impaired. 

    - TRT injections (if you have low test., obesity, or metabolic syndrome).

    - Get into the habit of regularly getting blood tests. CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) test from Life Extension costs only $25. Male's Panel costs $225. Both are highly recommended at certain frequency. 

    - Understand optimal ranges in your blood tests. Mind you there's high and low, then there's optimal. You can get your blood markers analyzed thru Or, you can put your numbers here, and get an epigenetic age:

    - Weekly Rapamycin is very promising (mTor inhibitor). 

    - I'd recommend skipping breakfast everyday or on most days (IF).

    - I personally eat a low carb meal for lunch (to make sure your body is in fat burning mode all day---autophagy is on), then try to eat a salad or vegetable heavy meal with carbs for dinner. Too much meat is probably not good (methionine and iron load). I'd cut back as much as possible, but I still eat it every couple of days. And, I still eat cheese, eggs on most days, e.g. I don't mind 2 eggs, 2 strips of bacon for lunch, then reserve salad + carbs for dinner. 

    - To emphasize, fasting is super powerful for repair and longevity. IF is a no brainer if you can do it. Occasional one day or multi days water fasts is an option. 

    - Exercise as much as you can (within reasonable limits). 

    - Vitamin D. Make sure it's in the optimal range (40-60). 

    I pretty much wrote what I’m personally doing. Best of luck!

  • I prefer the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) releasers, not the synthetic ones though, those synthetic ones have their high cost and relative risks disadvantages. I prefer the one that helps your body kick start increased production of HGH naturally. (e.g GenF20plus).

    Increased levels of HGH in aging people have been known to dramatically reverse the effects of aging as it enhances tissue repairs and cell division. It has no side effects and not too expensive.

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