Sources for inexpensive prescription Rapamycin

My understanding is that in the U.S. Rapamycin is expensive with prescription, but it can be purchased overseas for much cheaper. Recommendations for pharmacies (compounding or otherwise) that have websites where it can be purchased if you have a prescription? Canada would be ideal. 

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  • I need a good doctor that also takes medicare... who is very friendly to giving prescriptions for anti-aging drugs.... does anyone have any names .. I am going to be in Florida off and on for the next few months but reside in Kansas city area...So anyone in Florida will work... Dr Gaines is a good doctor but he does not take medicare...

    • garland I just visited doctor Chipman at the Atlantis clinic in Oldsmar (adjacent to Tampa), Fl. I just walked in on Mondays only) and got more than hoped for. After a general exam and interview, he prescribed Metformin + Rapamycin for 20 weeks. I recommend Dr. Chipman. He is friendly, informed, believes in what he's doing, and is committed to his patients. You can also get young blood transfusions there, NAD intravenous shots, blood analysis and all you need to slow down ageing. $150.

  • I accidentally posted this in the "general" category - probably more appropriate here:  

    I've posted a request for quotes on Sirolomus / Rapamycin / Rapamune on the website and gotten lots of quotes between $1 / 1 Mg. Tablet up to about $4 / mg but of course the manufacturers are all pretty shady and its impossible to know what the purity / quality or contaminants are.     

    As many of you have probably read - there are huge issues with the generic medicines coming out of India.  See these articles: 

    How Some Generic Drugs Could Do More Harm Than Good

    I'm considering using the new medicine evaluation service offered by to evaluate the medicine I would purchase and would appreciate feedback from others who might have used the service. 

    It would seem very helpful if we shared the testing results on different medicines / batch numbers, from different resellers - so we can all be more likely to get good quality products.

    I'm using

    for my metformin, and they are also soon coming out with NAD patches (which I'm going to "beta test" soon, but no date on when they will have Rapamycin.  Anyone recommend a doctor in Northern California who will write a prescription for Rapamycin?

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    • Brin Chikovski  Brin, Thanks for posting this. I think that you have suggested an important way forward. I look forward to reading about your results. Collectively, a ton of $ is spent by users of this site, Testing seems the only way forward. I couldn't find costs for analysis on the site.... perhaps because one needs to sign up first... can you share an approximate cost?

    • Steve Roedde The cost for the three tests I'm most interested in - purity, contaminants, dose, etc. - is $190.  So - it only makes sense if you're buying a lot at once, like a year's worth or more (e.g. multiple people buy at once).  The other issue is that these things (purity, etc.) can change on a batch by batch basis - so you want to try to get the all the medicines in a single batch.  Screen capture below:

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    • Brin Chikovski Reasonable cost.  Thanks again. Very constructive approach.

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  • Well, I found a new "solution" to my rapamycin problem. After the AntiAging store "placebo debacle" (I never did get that refund), I thought I'd  try again.


    I went to Alibaba, Dozens of stores sell rapamycin. I picked one that took a Mastercard. I ordered a 1 gram sample and waited. They sent 2.26 grams (usually they sell by the kilo so obviously were not concerned about a trivial weight difference) of what was claimed to be 99% medicinal grade rapamycin. The package was routed through the US and was opened and the sample split... There was a big DEA tape on the package... but I suspect they were looking for narcotics and found none.

    It cost $100 US plus $50 shipping. I bought a jewelers scale, 2 lbs of lactose, then like "Breaking bad", cut my 2.26 grams with the lactose. I calculated that 407 grams of my now diluted powder would contain a single gram of rapamycin. This is 1/8th tsp of powder. I had been on it for 2 weeks, and got my trough level back today, 2.0.  This is identical to level when taking the 1 gram of "rapamune" at $10 per pill.

    So, 150 for the rapamycin, $20 for the lactose, $30 for the scale. $200 US all in. I have 2260 doses of rapamycin. This would cost me $22,260.00 Canadian!

    In my view, worth the bother. I would NOT do this without testing the drug, or blood levels, but is an option for those who can do some simple algebra and have a table-top to compound the powder.

    My kilo of resvratrol and a year of NMN is coming from the same supplier.

    I hope this helps.

    Regards to all.


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    • Steve Roedde 

    • Patient 139 Well done. 

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    • Steve Roedde could you edit your gram and maybe milligram numbers. I want to be sure I understand it all. 

    • Patient 139 Sure. I received 2.26g of rapamycin. That is 2260 mg (2226 1 mg doses). I compounded it with 2  lbs  ( I think it was 905g) (it would have been easier to compound with a kilo, but it came in lbs) of lactose powder. The compounding is important to make the final weight/volume large enough to weigh/measure accurately. Once compounded I had 2260 mg of drug in 907000 mg of powder. Dividing 2260 into 907000 gives ~401 mg of powder (nearly all is lactose) to give me one mg of rapamycin. Because its easier to measure than weigh, I repeatedly weighed a level 1/8 teaspoon (about a dozen times)  . The range was only 10 mg either way of 401  mg.  So, that's what I take.  I think this is right... but have not yet had my morning coffee.

    • @Steve Roedde  I also bought rapamycin from the AntiAging Store. Because of your posts I requested and received a total refund. 

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    • Jane Pearson , I'm glad to hear it. Sadly, I have not yet received mine:-). I'm still working on it.

    • Steve Roedde Steve - I recommend you read this book before you get too confident in your supplier of what has been marketed as "medicinal grade rapamycin".

      I've interacted with many Chinese suppliers for chemical products and you always need to verify the supply is what it claimed. There are huge variations in quality, purity and contaminants.

      In a few weeks I've got lab tests coming back on three suppliers of rapamycin from India and I will post my results here.  

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    • Brin Chikovski , I have read it. Excellent book. Without oversight, regulation and rigid enforcement/punishment, business owners in any country will attempt to profit at any expense. I have not been able to access a company to do testing here . Although a certificate of purity was provided, I consider it meaningless.

      However, I have chosen to  be pragmatic. It's only 1 mg of actual material per day. About equal to a single gain of sand. My serum levels were identical to when I consumed 1 mg of "Rappamune" (which I assume is made in the West, but if ,not runs all of the identical risks as contamination/production deficits as outlined in the book with the generic drug-maker in India). So I know what was labeled is  real. rapamycin. I can't speak to contaminants... but there is not much actual weight left for any.

      China in particular has an unpleasant history... one thinks of the melamine and milk contamination... with many ending up with renal failure and dozens of children dying. At least in China they have real deterrent punishments for CEO's that offend. In the melamine example...they were executed.

      Still.... I trust no one. This includes the FDA and Health Canada and brand name as well as generic suppliers. 

      Your point is well taken, well supported, and testing of any supply/batch is the ideal option. I look forward to your posted results...with list of contaminants tested for.

    • Steve Roedde do you have an extruder to compound thoroughly?

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    • Paul Beauchemin , No, I compounded initially by hand, as directed in a compounding manual I found on-line. the 2.26 g with 10 g of lactose. I really spent time with that. Then added the 22G to 50 g... tons of time with that step too. Finally I put the lot in a table-top mixer , ran it very slowly for 20 minutes with a bag over the bowl to keep the dust down. Given my levels... it seems I got a pretty homogeneous mixture. Most is in the freezer, with enough for a month on the counter.

    • Steve Roedde Wow, I am partly impressed and partly discouraged. I live in NB and was going to send anything to Maine because I have been told there is a high chance anything sent direct will just get stopped. Your lucky that the US mainly is concerned with specific issues and as for the rest, the US gov't is perfectly happy to let civilians kill themselves. I just see your message now. Thank you in advance for any help. As i mentioned I have wanted to do this for a long time and the process is a little overwhelming. I will check my email when I get up in a few hours. Thanks for messaging me !

  • Generous people as yourself are what makes the internet what it was intended to be.

    All the best,

    Dan Murray

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    • Patient 139 , Dan, Thank you. You are kind. Your comment is deeply appreciated.

  • Just an update. I received a full refund from the AAS yesterday. They seemed unable to wire $ to Canada, but worked hard on a solution. I received a registered letter... with a cash refund in the mail. Above and beyond. I am pleased that I was part of the process that led to them identifying problems with their Rapa-pro product, but they dealt with it appropriately.

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    • Steve Roedde I appreciate everything you've done with this. I used the 50% off that you helped get to use two more bottles from them. I hope it's truly 3.25mg per tab now, but I still have doubts after you posted your test results.

    • Steve Roedde - Hi Steve . I live in Canada and I am searching for a reputable place that will ship to me. Any help would be really appreciated.

    • Steve Roedde _ I read the posts about AAS and I am happy I came back here to look the blog over again. Rapamycin is something I have intended to get for a year now and it is the unknown that has held me back !

  • CSC

    I bought three bottles of Rapa-Pro, batch no. 66003 - i.e. one batch prior to the one that tested out at 3.25mg per tablet, and still have two bottles left. Can I assume that my batch suffers from the same formulation error and contains 3.25 rather than 5mg per tablet?

  • has rapamycin in 1mg tabs. Super expensive though.

  • I heard that meta-analysis of randomized trials and cost evaluation model have shown renal transplant recipients maintained on tacrolimus have better outcomes than patients maintained on sirolimus. Here you can check manufacturers and suppliers of Tacrolimus:

    • Gytis Grinius 

    • Gytis Grinius tacrolimus is not an mtor inhibitor and has no utility as an anti aging pharmaceutical. Mechanism is similar to cyclosporin but more potent

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  • Hi , I live in Canada and would like any advise on the easiest way to order Rapamycin. We do not have dr here that will prescribe it so I was going to order from antiaging but they are currently showing out of stock. Bonhoa did not come up and dropship does not ship to Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .......Murray


    Said it could take 30 days = arrived in one week

    30 1mg tabs = $117 (including WU fee)

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